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Uninstalling Cyber Patrol

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Is there a safe way to uninstall Cyber Patrol? The version on my PC is 7.6. I heard by using the "Add and Remove Programs" option to remove Cyber Patrol causes quite a deal of problems. I don't know how this program got into my PC (probably a prank from someone) but it is disabling my internet connection and it annoys the hell out of me. Any suggestions?
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im no computer expert but it sounds like to me that a website installed it on your computer without your consent...Now for your problem if you cant uninstall it via add/remove programs because it causes errors than just uninstalling it via the start panel may cause the same problem.
which leaves us one option...
*Step1: Hit start Button go to My Computer

*Step2: Open up Local Disk (c:)

*Step3: Then Open up Program Files

*Step4: Next Scroll through the list of Programs until you see the folder named (Cyber Patrol) and Delete the Sucker

*Step5: Use a Registry Cleaner to finish up the little things left behind by the little bugger...

Also try using Firefox it wont let any websites install programs on your computer without your consent...
To download Firefox go Here

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Hi DivineNeo

Please read here:

And iSApache, bad advice given. Read here:

Originally posted by CyberPatrol:
CyberPatrol is a security program and failure to uninstall the program as directed below will result in lost Internet access. To remove the program you must use the Uninstall option within the CyberPatrol program. Please do not attempt to delete files you consider are associated with CyberPatrol. If you experience difficulties with uninstalling, please contact the CyberPatrol Technical Support team.
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Revo Uninstaller:

Set to option number 4. Removes everything.
Will going to the command prompt, then typing in "netsh winsock reset catalogue" work? That was suggested to me, I heard that Revo Uninstaller also does the job, but will this work on version 7.6?
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