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Removing DRM license Protection without the license???

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First of all I DID search

Second of all, is it actually possible to convert a DRM protected WMA to MP3 without having the license??

I've also searched the google machine for answers, all of which seem to point to no but they were all old posts 1year+ and was wondering if any of you guys would know of a way???

Thank you
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I HAVE SEARCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Not that I know of.

All the DRM removal process involves playing the music. I think that gives them a bit of legality. There was one that just removed the DRM. That one dissapeared over night.

P2P is probably as legal and as safe as what you are trying to do except you will get better quality music.
Normally, there are 2 ways to convert drm wma to mp3, I post them here and you can take it as reference
1. burn and rip, first, burn the protected WMA to a CD, rip them off to your computer, the DRM should be removed from the WMA files. then use "free wma to mp3 converter" to convert the plain wma to mp3

2.With software, there are many protected music converter there like Daniusoft WMA to MP3 Converter which can convert drm protected wma to common mp3 directly

Hope it helps:)
foliage, I do not think you answered the question. None of what you mentioned will work with expired DRMs. The methods you provided need the music to be playable.

As I said before there was software that actually removed the DRM from the file without 'playing' it but they were forced out of business. That could remove expired DRMs becasue it 'cut the link' vs 'playing' the tune and capturing the audio and creating a new file. This is all done electronically in a virtual mode so the music is not really heard or really played. Tunebit can 'play' the tune at 50X.
BillDawg -- I've tried numerous free wma -> Mp3 conversion programs, and so far have found that they don't work at all (some give error messages ref. the DRM), or the resulting converted file is much smaller and sounds like it is missing most of the content, or they convert only a few seconds of the start of the file. However, about 4 mos. ago, I did find a free prm that would work properly -- I just can't seem to find it again!!

I did find, however, a program that removes the DRM directly, and seems to work properly, but it is not free. This is the URL: [ ]. -- Bob
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