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mp4 editing in virtualdubmod - Is there a filter or anything?

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Hi, I just recently started working with mp4's. I use virtualdubmod for everything I edit. However, I'm unable to import mp4 video files. I've tried looking for filters or codecs, basically anything so that I can import, edit and save as a DivX avi. I got nuttin.

I've tried avidemux but can't figure out how to save files with it.

Ultimately I want to stay with virtualdubmod to edit.

Is it possible?

Who is that shadowy figure?

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I don't have much to test mp4 files, but I loaded this .mp4 trailer for 'Cars' into VirtualDubMod using an Avisynth script.

(note that this works for a file that is stored on the Desktop - else you must put in the full path to the file location)
If you have Avisynth installed, type something similar to this into Notepad and save the file with the .avs extension, e.g. cars.avs then drag the avs file into VirtualDubMod.


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Wow, that's interesting. How do I install avisynth to virtualdubmod? Is it a plugin?

Who is that shadowy figure?

Download and Install Avisynth.
Thereafter its invisible to the user.
Use Notepad to create the .avs script and drag it onto VirtualDub.
Worked like a charm fellas. Can I do batch work, if I save a bunch of mp4 to the desktop and edit the notepad with every mp4 directive?

Who is that shadowy figure?

Not sure about writing an avs script to do a batch.
The hotshots at Videohelp or Doom9 could probably do it.

One method is to use VDubs 'Job Control' feature.

Run VirtualdubMod.
Load the script, set the compression etc.
Click 'File' => 'Save as'
Give the file a name and a folder location, then check the box that says:
"Don't run this job now, add it to job control so I can run it in batch mode."

Load the next script, repeat.

When ready, start VirtualDubMod and 'File' => 'Job Control' and start the batch.
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