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I'd like to know the answer to that myself. Also, might include in the question a tuner card for Dish Network.

Philosophically, I strongly believe that the A/V Receiver is going to be replaced by the PC as the center point of the home entertainment network. It makes a lot of sense, but for this to be a more convenient solution, we need add-on tuner cards for the PC to replace the cable and sattelite receivers. Gets rid of the rats nest of cables when everything is digital end to end. GO DVI!

Sattelite and Cable Cos. should be jumping all over this. They spent alot of money developing DVRs when what they should have been doing was developing PCI Cards for computers. JMO.
There are cards that will read the Dish Network streams, since they use DVB, but only a handful of channels are unencrypted, so you'd also have to have some kind of hardware that could read the card from a receiver and decrypt the stream like your receiver does, and if there are any of these made I haven't found them (and they'd be illegal since Dish Network doesn't want to give licenses for them). In the case of DirecTV it's even worse, since they use their own proprietary MPEG-2 stream, so none of the existing stream capture cards could even read it.

Right now the only way to capture the stream is to get a PVR receiver for your service and pay the additional monthly fee. I'm sure that's not going to change as long as they can get people to pay extra for it. Pretty stupid when you consider how many people (like me and I'd guess both of you) would pay the extra receiver charge to be able to capture the stream on a computer.

It is possible to get the stream to your computer by altering a PVR receiver to use a removable drive carrier for the hard drive, and then removing the drive and reading it on a computer, but you still need to have software that will read the files and in the case of Dish Network I think it's their own proprietary format so it would probably be illegal.

Rich Fiscus
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Try this out.. Take a look at the Hipix DTV-200 Hope this is what your looking for

yes there is you can use a leadtek tv tuner deluxe xp card for direct tv and it works great , and the recording is just like dvd, but you gotta use the receiver to change the channels on the pc, the tuner cannot change the channels to the dish hope this helps

I have researched the leadtec and hipix cards and found that neither one will work with a satelite dish.
No such card exists.
Some of the people that reviewed the Hi-pix card say that it will. If you go the home page and read the "articles" alot of them claim it will work with satelite.. Might want to check that out..

According to the brochure for that Hi-pix card, the only type of digital signal it can receive are ATSC compliant terrestrial streams. Besides not being terrestrial, DirecTV transmits a DSS signal which is proprietary and used by nobody else. In any case, as I said before, using any device to directly capture a DirecTV signal requires a device to decrypt the stream, and since that technology would require that DirecTV grant a license, it's not likely to happen unless it becomes a competitive issue.

It's true that you could use the card to capture a signal already received and decoded by a DirecTV receiver, but since that's actually capturing an analog signal for which there is a separate forum, I assumed that ricleo2 actually wanted to capture the digital stream directly from his satellite dish using a PC, which he can't do.
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Rich Fiscus
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yea, been thinking about the leadtek myself..
the thing is, there is a program you can get and an adapter that connects to your directv's slow data port that will let you control your receiver from your pc... that has many possibilities...

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actually I found a couple that is supporting DSS here is the link.
Hauppauge is a great company for tv tuner cards
Your link is to a DVB card. DSS is not the same as DVB.

Rich Fiscus
@Vurbal on Twitter
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There is a PCI TV tuner card that will work with DirecTV. It is not on the market and from what I red was produced in a very small amount in the late 90's.

From what I read, they were at a show in 98 and were a suggested retail of $400. I was reading on another site and they had the info on the model and manufacturer. I did not see any pics, so I have no idea on how the card would be loaded.

If you want more info, pm me and I will try to look for the info again.
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Hello group!

I know I am a newbie here so I will ask the typical newbie question on this topic. Couldn't you run the coax out of the SAT box to the TV tuner set on channel three. After all the siganal has already been processed by the external tuner at that point. It will be analog but for my purposes thats fine.
Yes, you should be able to make an analog capture with no problems. I've been doing this with my Dish Network receiver for almost a year and I'm very happy with the results.

Rich Fiscus
@Vurbal on Twitter
AfterDawn Staff Writer
You might find some answer at they have a DVB section on their forums and some very bright, helpfull people around there.
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i think the home pc will replace every thing my pc are networked to a tv where if i could afford huge hard drives i would store all my dvds on them and be ably to see any movie i want on any tv or music or tv show wirless and the allso record just like tivo now it fregin great pics to
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