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device buffer on imgburn

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so i am ripping/copying/burning or whatever you call it, backing up my dvd collection and i have noticed something.

on imgburn the device buffer bar thing jumps anywhere between 12-100 percent.

when i first started using imgburn it was full 100 percent device buffer and now it is jumping all over the place.

what is going on here? is this normal?

and yes i have ran disk clean up and defrag and still jumping.

please and thank your

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You could be having issues with your DMA. See if this LINK helps.

will it still burns the dvd

would i need to do this dma thing at all?

and is it just me or does some of the pictures not load(red x on white box)?
okay should of looked at dma then posted, checked al ide blah blah blah channels and all say dma

now i was wondering why this is still happening, i have noticed for some reason that my Sonic digital media software burn application is always locking my dvd drive so i ran a program to see what was doing this and found out that a DMASceduler.exe is always locking the drive and i have to end that process before i can write. now knowing this, it was the same time that my device buffer percent bar on imgburn started variate between 12-100 percent.

any ideas

please and thank you

Sonic can take control of your drives and limit or even restrict access to them. I would get rid of Sonic altogether and strictly use ImgBurn.

how would i go about backing up the sonic program on a windowsxp?
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