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Unlock codes for Samsung SGH-a137

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I purchased a cheapie A137, thinking I could use the A437 code to unlock it. Wrong.

Does anybody have the unlock code for this phone? Thanks in advance!!
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have any luck?

I had the same thought, and mistake...

figured I had an ATT so I bought an ATT go phone.


No luck. I found a post on another forum, but it didn't work.
Anybody have any luck with this? Maybe I should just try to pay for an unlock code. What do they have to give an unlock code?

Nope. I paid for a code on ebay, but it didn't work so I got my money back. Please post here if you find one that works.
I bought one of ebay.
From this guy: quik2unlock (at)
He has auctions on ebay and it worked okay, but his instructions were wrong. I followed a different sites instructions with his code and it worked. Sorry i don't know the site.
In case anybody needs help with this, here are instructions for unlocking the Samsung A137:

Note 1: you need to get the unlock code - it's readily available for sale on ebay)

Note 2: the instructions that the ebay sellers give you might be incorrect. I've successfully unlocked my phone with the instructions I found below, along with the code I bought.


* Power on without SIM
* Type in #7465625*638*Unlock code# (8 digit unlock code*)
* Device should say: “Network Lock Deactivated”
* Phone may automatically reboot

Read more: "How To Unlock Samsung SGH-A137 | Mobileslate" -
How much did you pay flowbee?
I paid 3.94.
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