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Mozilla won't open anymore when I click it!!

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So I have been having a problem for the past two days regarding my computer and not being able to access certain programs. The computer that this is all occuring on is my work computer, and I have a program called CCleaner by Piriform installed. I thought I had encountered a virus when I click on a link to the internet one day (it most likely was not anything), but I took the precautions to scan for viruses and spyware (did not find anything), and then I used CCleaner to clean temp files. While I was using the program I also saw it had a section where you could scan your registry for problems, so I ran that and fix all problems. I restarted my computer and upon restart when I tried to open applications like mozilla and a program I use at work that has a database called itemtracker... mozilla won't open at all, and itemtracker software does not work. So I did a system restore to a couple days ago and upon restart.... still can't open mozilla.

I am using XP SP3, and have even tried uninstalling mozilla and reinstalling and it does not work.

I feel the problem lies within my registry and wanted to know if there is a solution. PLZ HELP!!!
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This is why you should accept the option to create a backup of the reg values you are changing when using a registry cleaner.

Uninstall firefox again and then run ccleaner again while it's uninstalled, then run the reg cleaner in ccleaner and fix errors.

Now try to install firefox again, anything? If not, when you double click on firefox is the firefox.exe task running in task manager under processes?
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