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I want a pic, In my AVI file icons!

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I am new here.
been lurking for years.
looked at the FAQ's (got lost)
Posted in DVD RIP, after looking this is probably the best forum.
A friend gave me some flintstonse avi files.
each file has a pic. in the icon.
how was this done?
I se ImTOODvd ripper
I have ripped many dvd and IFO files to AVI
but the other day I ripped "trenity is till my name" Darned if there is not a picture in the icon!
HOW did this happen!
I can not make it happen again!
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I don't know about .avi file icons however there is a simply way to change the icon of any file. Simply right click on an icon and then click on the customize tab. In it you will find a button that says change icon and then just pic one! After, press apply and then o.k.
Thanks but you did not understand my question.
Maybe I did not make it clear.
1st) Yes I can right click on any file and change the icon.
Problem: This will change all icons in .AVI format and also not what I wish to do.

What I wish, is to have a still picture of the movie as my .AVI file
such as
Batman Dark Night. I want a still picture from that movie or the DVD cover as my icon for that .AVI file

Bambi same thing , I would like a picture from Bambi movie or the DVD cover of Bambi as the icon for that .AVI file

I will tinker with your idea. Maybe there is somthing so simple I am over looking.
I do this at work many times. some things are to simple . If that makes since. :o)
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I have been looking over this for SOOO.... long.
It was right there.
check box for , Cange the icon for this file only!!!!

I can scan the DVD covers , or SNAG IT (a image graber program I like to use) resize them and Have what I want.

Thanks for making me relook at the properties.
Much to happy to fell like a dumb ass right now.
I will do that later.
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well... That kind of works.
I need to learn more about icons.
I can make a folder and put a pic on the folder.

but if I try and change the AVI file icon , I bump into problems.
I googled "make your own icons in XP"
I found
open pic in paint
open image , attributes
change to 32 x 32 pixels
save as .ico
not much space to work with there (sigh)

what do your avi fil icons look like?
mine look like a film section. like 1 inch by 1 inch but the middle is a black square.
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