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Splitting 5 GB MPEG file so I can save it in FAT32

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Hi, I have a 5GB MPEG video file that I want to save it in my external HDD. It was originally a HD video file in MKV format which I converted into MPEG via MKVtoVOB software. Since it's larger than 4GB I can't save it in my exernal HDD so I want to break the file into several smaller files. The problem is I can't find any video editing software that does the job. I tried DVtool and AVIMux Gui software but they don't work. Can you please help?
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It's not a video editor, just a file splitter/joiner.

Why not convert the drive to NTFS - I just converted a new external one from Santa and the files that came with the drive are still ok.
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I'll give that software a try, thanks. I'm plugging my HDD to PS3 which only recognizes FAT32 so that's why I can't convert to NTFS.
Why not just author it as a DVD? That will make it into 1 Gig VOBs with an IFO file to give the player directions.
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You could always use mencoder (part of the mplayer pack) and run from the command line like so

note the mb suffix in the -endpos switch:

mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy -ss 0 -endpos 700mb -o movie_part1.avi movie.avi

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Hjsplit failed to split my file. Any other software you recommend or am I out of luck? If nothing else, is there a software that converts MPEG file back to MKV format? It seems AVIMux GUI works only on MKV but not MPEG. Thanks again
AVIDeMux can be used to either chop the orignal MPEG2 file into multiple pieces or encode MPEG into an MKV container.
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