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wii emulation disc

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have tried 2 iso's so far and both wont load. one was 1.35 gigs the other 4.36 what am i doing wrong? some help please
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so i see they were both pal region so im guessing thats why they dont work on my ntsc wii? i tried regionfrii and it still didnt work. anyway i can play pal format on my wii?
only wih a softmodd'ed wii. or a modchipped wii

also there are several games (imports to your region) that wont run even if u have a modchip and have region patched the iso's.

Wii D2E w/ solderless wiikey2
GDR-8163B hooked up via external usb 2.0 case

PStwo v15 SCPH-77002
Pioneer 109D DVD Burner
i have a wiikey installed. and i had it before and gave it away ntsc that had all nes snes turbo grafx, genesis roms in the disc. now i can only seem to find the pal version ;(
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