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LG GBW-H20L Windows Explorer Issue

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Hey guys I'm a DVD veteran but a blu-ray newbie so be gentle with me. I just bought the LG GBW-H20L burner and I have a couple of questions.

I installed the drive and it shows up preoperly in the device manager area and I also see it as a drive in Windows Explorer. I can put in standard DVD and read the contents just fine. However, when I put a blu-ray movie in it I can't access it in Windows Explorer. When I click on the drive it gives me the following error message: "Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows". I have searched on this error but haven't found a solution to it so far. In addition I know the drive actually can see the disk as I am able to see it in Anydvd and I am able to kind of play it from PowerDVD. Can someone help me understand why Windows Explorer is not able to read the contents?

The second question I have is I'm not sure of the requirements to actually play a blu-ray movie on my PC. As mentioned above I have been able to kind of get it to play in PowerDVD but its really slow and the sound crackles. Is this due to my graphics card? I'm not as concerned with this as I really got the burner to make blu-ray to BD-R copies but I'm just curious as to why this may be.

Any and all help is appreciated!
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i have the same drive (xmas gift) i am too very new to blu ray but i had the same message, the only thing i thought off was that (i don't have power DVD installed) nothing could read the format, BUT i did rip the blu-ray film to my hard drive using anyDVDhd no problems. maybe it is your craphics card or monitor but we seem to be using it for the same reason, give it a go on anyDVDhd and it should work fine.
I posted my issue on a different forum and someone was able to help me with the issue. Here is what he posted:

You need to install a UDF 2.5 driver.

To install:

There is an easy way to "trick" installation of the Toshiba UDF2.5 driver on non Toshiba PCs, so it may be "safer" to download it from Toshiba support website:

1.) Unpack it.
2.) Start setup.

It will tell you, that you cannot install it on your non-Toshiba PC.

Navigate to your temp directory with explorer. You'll find a directory named like this: {1347D5A6-4FE0-476A-B85F-D0FC91F55EB0}

Enter it. You'll find two files:
thdudf.inf and thdudf.sys

Right click thdudf.inf, select "Install".

Wait a while. Close the Message Box. Reboot.
ok, thanks for that, i've done it, between us newbie's we'll get there lol
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