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DVD Flick sound synch problem

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Using DVD Flick to burn episodes of TV series (.avi files) onto one DVD for TV playback.

Episode 1 plays back without any trouble. However, all subsequent episodes have the picture and sound out of synch.

Can anyone help? Thanks
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Sometimes, AVI that has 'Variable Bit Rate' (VBR) audio causes sync problems when converted to DVD.
Drag the files onto GSpot and check the audio;if its VBR, it would be best to convert it to CBR before running it through DVD Flick.

Programs like VirtualDub or Avidemux can quickly convert the audio.

Please could you advise a novice how to convert the audio using the programs you suggest.
If the audio is VBR and you want it to be CBR, drag an AVI file onto Avidemux.
Set the left side menu as shown.
Click the save logo and give the new file a name (including the extension, e.g. new1.avi)

Close and restart Avidemux and drag the next AVI onto the window and repeat.

Thanks for the excellent tutorial.

I have checked and the audio is VBR.

Quick query as I am new to this - if this were the problem why is the audio in sync on episode 1 and only out of sync on episode 2,3 and 4. To my simple mind seems like a gap/delay was introduced in between the audio files after episode 1 but not for the video files. If this were the case would converting to CBR be the solution?

What if I converted each separate episode with DVD Flick but saved the files rather than burn them straight away. Then add each of the individual converted files to be burned onto a DVD?
As often as not , D/L'ed AVI files are VBR.

You may find that if you convert the AVI files (which have VBR) individually, that they are not out of sync after the conversion - it seems to be a coin flip.

After an AVI file is converted and authored to DVD Format (sitting in a VIDEO_TS folder) it cannot be re-opened in DVD Flick.
It can be burned to a DVD disk using a burner program or a group of these DVD Folders can be opened in another program and combined onto one disk.

If you wished to convert the AVI files to a suitable format so that they could be loaded at a later time into DVD Flick and a menu created you can convert them individually into DVD compatible mpeg-2 files using Avidemux (the conversion from VBR to CBR would not be required as Avidemux seems to handle VBR without complaint).
Once they are in this format they can be loaded into DVD Flick and processed - the advantage of this is that DVD flick can be set to recognize that the files do not need to be recoded - thus saving a lot of time (the actual conversion having been performed by Avidemux).
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I have managed to resolve the problem.

This time I added each episode as a separate title and set the flag Ignore audio delay for this track in the audio properties dialogue. I think the previous time I added the first episode, edited it and added the remainder onto the first title and did not tick the Ignore audio delay box.

Thanks for your help anyway - I'm sure it will come in useful one day soon.
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