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loading games to M3 DS REAL card

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please could someone help me ive just purchased a m3 ds real card for my new NDS thinking it would be simple to download games and just drag and drop them but have tried every thing in my very limited knowledge of this stuff and if i had any hair i would have pulled it out by now so ive deleted every thing ive down loaded to try and help me and need someone to nurse me through it step by step please i down loaded the games from nds-rom before ! all i have know is a folder that i have created called NDS games in my documents what do ihave to do now
many thanks
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first make sure your memory card is nice and clean , put it in your computer and format it .

now its nice and clean download and unrar the latest firmware for the m3ds real here - latest is

once downloaded and unzipped copy the SYSTEM folder to your memory card and thats it firmware done . should you need an unzipping program you can use winrar or 7zip , winrar isnt free but 7zip is from here -

now create a folder on your memory card and name it NDS , all your nds roms will go in the NDS folder .

so now your memory card should look like this -

when putting your nds roms in your NDS folder make sure you have unzipped them first and they are in .nds format ie. Rayman DS (E).nds

now put your memory card in your m3ds real and give it a try .

when it loads up and you have picked your language you shold have a screen like this -

the top left hand box is for all your games so if you tap it you will get a list of the games you have put on .

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hi many thanks that worked a treat just one thing when i hit the upper left icon only one game shows at a time but if i hit the NDS icon in the left bottom corner it show me a choice of system folder and the NDS folder if i choose the NDS folder it shows the 5 games ive downloaded how do i show all the games on the first screen at once or is this not possible
many thanks
have you put all your unzipped games in the NDS folder on your memory card ?

if so when you hit the top left icon you should have a list of games to choose from or at least thats how it is on mine .

as far as i know the bottom left icon is for the m3 media player .

icons from top left to right as follows -

NDS , GBA , MyCard + Boot

bottom from left to right as follows -

Media , PDA + Setting .


hi sorry i might have misled you when i start the ds the menu screen comes up as you say so i hit the games icon and only one game appears even though ive downloaded 5 but at the bottom of that screen it shows a small nds folder so i choose that and it takes me to a menu with has the folders system or NDS if i choose NDS it shows all the games ive downloaded and which ever one ive played is the one displayed on the opening screen i cant seem to get all 5 on there

hmmmmmmmm have you put all your games you downloaded and then unzipped in the NDS folder on your memory card ?

iff so they should all show in a list when you tap the NDS/GAME icon.

seems strange if they dont , woof811.
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hi ive just wiped them all from the card and reloaded them unzipped to nds file but still the same thing when i choose the NDS folder the games appear so i select one and it says quote (do you select the directory )and options ok or cancel i hit ok and it goes back to the main menu and the games icon is flashing so i hit that and the selected game is there but only ever the game ive selected and never all of them
thanks for your patience
have you left them in the folders, the only bit of the download (once unzipped you put in the NDS folder is the .nds files, not the whole folder just the file with the .nds at the end

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hi thats it you are a genius ive deleted them all and just put the NDS file on and its worked thanks very much for your help
hi could any 1 tell me how i can check my current firmware, all was fine but now the newer games arnt working, either just a loading screen that doesnt go or trouble with creating a save point.
ive downloaded some firmware but yet to try as dont want to mess up what i already have its

is this the newest im not sure what im running on at mo.

thanks for any help
This is the newest, however you may also want to look at Sakura 1.34, this can be found at it is official but it is only the Beta version, the only issue is don't select the timer (alarm clock) as this means the system folder has to be reloaded - this aside it is far better than the touchpod (the one you are using) version.

To find the version you have on the 7 icon screen there is a question mark in the top right corner, click this and it should tell you

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im runnning m3 manager v3.0 x version

is this new or old could this be why some newer games arnt working.

Sakura 1.34 how would i go about installing this and changing my firmware is the same as the earlier post i have a m3 ds real.

im new at this sorry if asking stupid questions thanks for your advice.
Have you got an M3 real (the answers I gave were for this)

An M3 simply


an M3 Perfect

I think a perfect as you have 3.0, the latest is 3.6

See the site in my signature for all the firmwares. However the perfect has not been updated for a while so some new games may still not work

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the card says M3 DS REAL on the back thanks.
this was a present for my son it came with the card and firmware and games loaded. i can do his psp and i can change games for him but recently the newer ones dont work it seems straight forward just dont wana leave him with no games.
In that case, connect the micro SD to your computer, delete the System folder (if you want to be really safe copy it to your computer first) then add the new System folder. Thats all there is too it.

However all your saves for the old games won't work (they are in an old format) - so look through the files in your NDS folder and all the old save files (anything other than the .nds files) right click on them, select rename and change the ending to .sav (at the moment they can be various things but .r0 is common. Once done put back in the ds and retry.

If you are unsure of anything, copy everything from the card on to your computer and then you have a back up if anything happens.

If you want to try Sakura - and it is good!! then download the link above and put that system file on your card - instead of the other one

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thanks it does sound easy shouldnt say that incase i balls it up.

hes 7 and the save files arnt an issue when i play my games will it just create its own save pointagain.
is the sakira the same as the old 1 i have just add my ds folder.

and put the games in then play.

Yes it is both the original and Sakura are one system folder and the other folder with the games in should be NDS.

Other rules - always leave 1mb spare room on the card per game (this is more than it used to be as the latest software has real time saves).

No more than 128 games in a folder (but you can have other folders Brain Games, Driving Games etc) but the first should be left as NDS.

If the card does not work (sometimes the update just doesn't) reformat the card and start again - this usually clears all!

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thanks for all your help and advice will try in a bit seems straight forward ill let u know cheers.
thanks loads works a treat cheers.
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