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How do I network xbmc to pc?

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Ok so there are a million different threads on this but they all seem to have different problems with different solutions. So the only way I see my question being answered is if i post. I'm a total newb so you might have to dumb it down for me :) - thanks in advance

I want to stream video (shared folders) from my pc to xbox media center (xbmc)

Here is my setup:
I'm using a router. so it looks like this:
xbox----cat 5-----wireless router-------cat 5------pc/NIC

I can ftp from my pc to xbox and add roms and stuff like that.
But to do so i have to enable the local area connection/NIC, this in turn won't allow me to use my wireless connection to browse the internet. - don't know why maybe this is related to the problem.

I'm using AID 4.3 so whatever version of xbmc that came with that is what i have.

My xbox settings from evolution x looks like this:
Type> DHCP
Line status> 100/Full Duplex
Ethernet MAC address> 00:50:F2:4F:BE:58
setup network> yes
Use static IP> No
The ftp is enabled and the password is xbox

My PC looks like this:
Local area connection (NIC):
physical address >00-13-D3-0A-2A-88
dhcp enabled> yes
autoconfiguration enabled > yes
ip address >
subnet mask>
default gateway ______ (nothing)
dhcp server >
dns server > "

When I'm in the video menu of xbmc I click on 'smb' but it says it "could not connect to network server".

Please help, I think i could solve this if i was pointed in the right direction. I've just modded my xbox for the first time without any help besides tutorials. This would be so awesome!!
thanks in advance
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I figured it out and here is my own mini tutorial of how I got it to work:

How to share folders and stream media from pc:
First enable the NIC thats connected to the router then xbox.
In xbmc you can make a 'path' to programs, videos, music, pictures etc.
But 1st go to windows explorer. Right click the file you want to share. Choose 'sharing and security' mark the box 'share this folder on network' and the box 'allow network users to change my files'
These should now show up under 'my network places' if not you might need to restart the computer. It can still work i think though even if they dont show up.

Now go to: xbmc and go into either video, music, pictures, etc. You'll see a 'add source' DO NOT ADD SOURCE from pressing the white button on the 'smb network share' it didn't work for me. Hit 'browse' then go to the bottom and choose 'add network location...' Use 'Windows Network (SMB)' then choose the 'server name' now type in the address of the NIC IP address which was. you don't need to do anything for the 'shared folders' but user name should be xbox and password xbox. hit 'ok' now the smb address should show up in the box. Name the media source whatever you want like, rich's videos. hit ok. Now you should be able to access each file through their respected player, video, music, pictures ect....
i got troubles too but got it fixed just by installing a new ativirus...

and if you still dont have it ...get the new skin "mediastream" its great for new tvs.

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