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MPEG-4, ...mp4 play on a Stand alone DVD player???

A simple question MPEG-4, aka mp4.
A troublesome 1.92MB .avi movieclip converted to mpeg2 or DVD VTS.VOB develops lip sync. Use Nero 8 Ultra 'Nero Digital' to encode the .avi to a 4.3GB MPEG-4 (mp4) (AVC H.264)(17 and a half hours to complete at 3.xxfps!!)
Why I do this?? Nero blurb that comes with the progamme claims that it creates HD DVD file that can be used to create 'discs' that will play on DVD players.
Nero neglect to say that by DVD players they mean the one in a computer, not a stand alone player.
A bit of rooting about in Googling MPEG-4, mp4 and H.264 tells me a lot really, but a film maker that I spoke with today has told me that HD H.264 CANNOT be played on stand alone players. I don't have a HDefinition player, Blue-Ray Burner, or Discs.
The simple question? A 'Nero digital' created file aka, "HDTV-AVC" made up of the following H.264 A/V parts: MPEG-4 (Base Media Version 2) (AVC mp42 codec), with Audio of: AAC (Version 4)(LC) (SBR)....if I burn this file to DVD5-R or DVD9-R, will it play in my Standard, Stand alone DVD machine??

MPEG-4 is used for PS2's game machines and iPods, or creating 'Back ups' of the likes games, isn't it?? Not for backing up ones DVD collection?
Whoops,,,that's,, at least two questions more than I intended to ask...

I haven't as yet attempted to transcode / recode / encode the supposed MPEG-4 AVC H.264 Mammoth into DVD Video_TS___IFO / NFO / VOB format. If, as I expect to be the case, creating a DVD disc of the existing MPEG-4 file is a waste of time & disc, I'll try to get the camellion to change its color and shape to a known quantity and see if it becomes un-virtual, tangible and Visible .
All sorted, the .avi was faulty. I got the DVD version.End of story.
Thanks for the pointers,
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