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CWCheats + Monster Hunter Freedom 2 + Monster HP Hack Help

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Using my CW Cheats works fine for the game, but the monster hp hack(the one that is separated into 2 parts) doesn't work. I will press the L button and select, and the game will 100% freeze. It will stay like this for about 10-20 seconds and completely turn off. So, after removing and adding the cheat more than once, I'm wondering what I can do to fix this problem?
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I've heard that this can happen if you have too many cheats enabled at the same time. It will also happen if you access CWCheat when playing co-op.

I hope this helps.

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Well I'd tested it with only those 2 activated and still the same. I recently got a fix by using someones edited database for cwcheats, so now thats working but there are less cheats on the list, no big deal. I'm now wondering how to activate cheats in MHF2 when playing with friends, do it IN game? or before while in guild hall? When I tried in game, because of the game force pausing for you, it separate me from the group.
Be safe and activate the cheats before you go into the guild hall. You might be able to do it in the hall before you go on the quest but why chance it? If you do it while on the quest, you WILL leave the party.
We had problems with the cheats on Akantor as a group. Individually the cheats worked fine but in a group they failed. Never did figure out why.

Procrastination is a great thing! Don't wait until tomorrow, procrastinate right now.
So before you enter the guild hall, ok. Normally I tried it in the guild hall before or after joining the party, and it seemed there was only a chance of it working, because sometimes I got it, sometimes I didn't.
Anytime I accessed CWC while on a group quest, I ended up leaving the party.

Procrastination is a great thing! Don't wait until tomorrow, procrastinate right now.
i recently got the cw cheats, and am wondering can it work on "UMD" Files also?
What do you mean UMD Files? If you mean does CWCheats work for UMD's, then yes.
yes thats what i mean. but when i use my monster hunter freedom 2 cheat codes the game freezes and then completly shuts down my psp system. i have v.4.01 m33 and is there another cwcheat that will work?>
At what point does the game freeze when you use cwcheats?

If you turn on your game, hold down shift, select the cheats, and turn it on, does is crash right after?
yes it crashes when i go to "activate" the cheats. after i have selected the cheat codes. is there a place to try out some diffrent codes, or am i S.O.L?
I would try reinstalling cwcheats and updating the database if you haven't already. May want to ask someone more knowledgable in a new thread to attract more attention though.
hey this is my first post
hey tazer
i had the same problem
could u help me out?
like send that fixy thing u used
thanks :D

i cant even get CW to pop up on monster hunter , all my other games but not monster hunter
Any one
i have 5.00 M33-2 is this a problem

Afterdawn Rocks
i have 5.00 m33-3 on my psp to it works for me
so id just redo what ever you did to make shure u did it right

Yo Tazer could you link me the edited database you said that allowed it to work for you? It freeze's on me to and its QUITE annoying lol
I will try to load mine to Megaupload cuz i dont remember where i found it
ty :]

is tazor even reading this fourm anymore?


Sorry about the wait. My psp fell off my of desk about a day after I said that, and it took 3 weeks for it to come in. After 3 weeks I completely forgot to upload my database :/. Here it is anyways, It wont have any new games, you can either add them yourselves or try updating it and hope that the updated database online has working cheats.
lol that sucks man
and thanks for the upload :]
hey what did you do to send in ur psp my friends want to know but they cant find any info on how to do that

Well if you have a warranty you can send it to Sony (IDK if they change out the motherboard or unhack it/update it though). I lost a line of text in my reply before, I actually bought a new screen cuz thats all that broke, and THATS what took 3 weeks to come in, lol.
lol i might just fix his psp myself *has a broke ne lieing in room* that one turns on but nothing happens
screen stays black
and no noise
so my friends doesnt have a working umd drive when u turn it on it just makes weird noises and doesnt loads
so if i find a tiny screw driver ill swich the umd drive

i got the directory thing that you posted but where do i copy it to because it is just idle on my desktop right now?
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