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bitcomet 1.09 keeps old task's and wont save settings

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Hello I don't think this problem is v1.09 specific because I was using 1.04 when this problem started. Everytime I run bitcomet the old torrents stay unchanged in the torrent list. Any new torrents I add disappear once I close bitcomet and open it again. And torrents I delete come back once the program is closed and reopened. If I make any changes to the download directory or download or upload speeds those changes also reset once bitcomet is closed and opened again. I like the program, it's just that this is bugging me. So when I thought this was specifically bitcomet's 1.04 problem I uninstalled it and installed v1.09 thinking I'd get a fresh start. But I didn't. The problem is still there. What I can I do?
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Drop bitcomet. I suggest using utorrent or Bittorrent. It is more vulnerable to attacks. When you set one of them up, make sure you use the same download folder (then have the app move the files once the job is done. Make sure you select to have the files renamed until the file is complete. Try renaming the partial files to their real name then load the torrent into the new client. See which you like better. You will probably see a speed up of 100% and you will get less dead jobs.
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I am having the same problem. I deleted torrents from my drive and restarted Bitcomet and the reappeared. The new torrents I had started disappeared. I tried doing this multiple times and searched all my drive for the torrents to see if there was more than one copy, but there wasn't. I really want to keep using Bitcomet. Please help.
Okay!!! Get Revo Uninstaller and I think I did the typical one and it removed bit comet from my computer and then I installed it again and the program works like its supposed to.
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