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Can a dvd ruin a dvd player?

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A customer at my job claims that our copy of Fast Times at Ridgemount High ruined 3 of his dvd players. Thus causing burn rings into 3 more of our movies that he rented.
I advised him that I'd never heard of something like that happening, but before I make him pay for the disks I wanted to do some research on it.

He says it played for awhile and then froze and jumped back to the menu but wouldn't let him choose anything. He then stuck it in 2 more players and it wouldn't let him past the menu.

He then tried to play the other 3 movies he rented and both of them said disk error and he took them out and they had burn rings on them as well.

The Fast Times disk is just fine. No born rings, and I tried it on the dvd player at work and it worked just fine. I even got past the part he said it messed up, and it seems to me if it was the culprit it would be messed up too.

That's a movie that rents at least 2-3 times a month and no one else has ever had a problem with it. Even he didn't tell us about that issue when he returned it a week prior and it seems like if it had messed up 3 of his dvd players that would have been a BIG issue to bring up.

It does have a metal strip on the top to prevent people from stealing it. Similar to the ones stuck inside a dvd movie when you buy it so the alarm goes off if they try to steal it, but it's always been on there and is on alot of our other movies and no one has ever had a problem.

Any advice before I charge this guy. All 3 movies came out on Tuesday and he was the first to rent them all, so I know it wasn't caused by anyone else.

Any insight or advice on this would greatly be appreciated. ASAP.

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What do you mean by burn rings? Are you suggesting the dude returned
a burned copy to you rather than the pressed originals?
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The anti-theft device could very well be the culprit. If a DVD is spinning and isn't perfectly balanced it will wobble. That's why most rentals add only a hub ring label to id the disk. You need to invest in theft proof cases like the big boys do.
The anti theft device on the actual disk is over the whole top of it. It's even on all sides so I don't see how it could wobble. Many Many people have rented that disk (I work at Hollywood Video) and no one else has ever had a problem.
I've never heard of a pressed DVD ruining a DVD player. lol.

The burn rings are a bit different tho. What do you mean? This is the original pressed DVD right? I would investigate this a little further personally. I'm not sure this guy isn't trying to pull a fast one over on you.

good luck....

add: are the "burn rings" from a laser or from the dvd player scratching it?
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There seems to be some interpretation of what "burn rings"
actually is with regard to a pressed DVD.

A picture of the DVD front and back, would be a big help.

this is an easy one. Commercial dvds are silvery, whereas burned discs are blue or purple on the optical side. If the disc is not silvery, then you got a fast one pulled.


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