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Xbox 360 E74 Error popping up in new units?

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The new Jasper chipset seems to be reducing the number of RRoD errors, but I have heard that the e74 error is starting to become a problem.

Is this true? None of my friends have experienced this error yet.

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From experience, most of the E74 360's have the same issue as boxes that have had the 3 red light error, broken solder points between the gpu and motherboard and reflowing seems to fix the problem, really depends on what solder joints are a problem, one thing i know for certain is that the jasper has not completely eliminated the 3 red lights issue, so it still exists.
However i'm not certain if e74 is a more common problem with the jasper chipset.
Yeah my 9 month old Falcon just died with E74 1022 error. Why the heck have they not sorted this problem out yet?

Worst piece of consumer hardware ever.
The problem is the 360's exterior was designed prior to the layout of the internal parts, they had to build the box so that everything inside would fit to meet the exteriors design specs, unfortunately the design allows the motherboard to warp due to heat produced by the processors, which eventually leads to the common fault of broken connections between the gpu and the motherboard. New chipsets reduce the amount of heat produced, however the structural flaw still exists, and therefore it will be near impossible to completely iradicate the problem.
I think microsoft aught to ditch the x-clamps, and install some pc motherboard type clamp for the heatsinks, that will help reduce the pressure on the board.
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