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Unlock Motorola W260g Tracfone

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I have a motorola w260g trackfone connection, i wish to unlock the phone, can you please tell me the process of doing that?
my IMEI no is 011424008623893
W260g (G 8/19)

pls email me if u have any informaiton at
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Tracfones cannot be unlocked. Tracfone installs a different OS on the phones they buy to prevent unlocking( they have it setup so if you tamper with it, it will not work anymore. It will say "hacked phone". If you buy the phone directly from the maker(motorola) They can be unlocked/sometimes come unlocked. They put a generic OS on the phones so other company's can buy them(tracfone, at&t, ect..).

You might want to remove the email address before a moderator sees it(they don't like it when they see emails on forums(plus you could get a bunch of spam sent to you).

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