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I have a charter DVR

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I have a charter DVR. do you know how you get the video off of the has a USB and 2 firwire.but it has no network port. if you can help then thanks
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If it's anything like the Tivo series 2 units that I've read about, you can use a USB network adapter. I've heard of people having luck with 3com & Linksys.
I just ordered a Tivo a couple days ago, but yesterday I found out about the Charter DVR and we have Charter digital cable already. I hope we can get the DVR here.
I didn't realize it has a USB port, that's great. I have Hawking & Linksys USB network adapters and plan on trying them on there now. I'm calling Monday to find out if I can get it locally.

How do you like it? Have you had a Tivo, and if so, how does it compare?

PS- Let me know if you find out how to extract the video once it's connected to network.
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