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Realtek Audio Driver Problem.

I've recently noticed that my audio drivers are not functioning as they used to before and cause my computer to restart by changing the volume control.
I'm using an Acer Veriton 1000, recently formatted and updated with recent drivers and did not have a problem then. I'm using the HIgh Definition Audio Driver Package - KB88811 and Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers (as per add/remove program tool).
I'm able to open the master volume control, but when i try to change the volume level the computer automatically switches off and restarts. After I log in i get the windows prompt 'windows has encountered a problem' and when i send the error report my internet browser opens to tell me that the cause was a blue screen error though it wasn't an actual blue screen error. I have uninstalled most of the recent programs (including windows XP SP3) yet i still get this problem.
Note: I use Realtek AC'97 Audio interface as well

For any more system information required for anyone to help me,please feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance!
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