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Where can I get a guide to installing Eboot.pbp games on my psp?

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I need a guide because I need to get this answered...

Does Anyone know how I can play games that were downloaded off the internet for my PSP? I downloaded from I have a mac and i also had to download VUZE to complete the download.

So I have the game all downloaded to my computer, I just don't know how to get it to play on my PSP Slim 2001. I can hook up my PSP to my mac. I just don't know where the file goes or if I have to open it with another program? Specifically, it's call Raiden Project (EBOOT.PBP) It was a psp.torrent.

Is there a website or forums thread that has good specific instructions on this?
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put it in root:/PSP/GAME/RAIDENP1/EBOOT.pbp of the memory stick, and as long as you have a later custom firmware or LEDA it should work fine.

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Thank YOU ShaggyZE!!! I have the game, but I still can't play it. It says something like "The copyright information is invalid" So I downloaded the LEDA and it's almost ready to go but, I don't know where to put it... I suppose I could just experiment on where to put it. By chance, do you know where it goes or how to extract the information?
If you don't have custom firmware on your PSP then you need to do that first. If so, then just put the eboot into a folder and put that folder into the GAME folder like the above user posted. If it still doesnt work, then try re-creating/patching the eboot with the program Simple Popstation GUI 3. Many eboots on torrent sites were created long ago and need to be patched.
okay... I found popstation for mac, now where do I put that? It says the data is corrupted..
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