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How to access the options menu in burnout Paradise ultimate box

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I recently bought the game and installed it (making sure to install the full version not the trial version).

Now I am looking to find the options menu so I can configure my controller. I have called tech support they say there is a way to get to the menu to configure the controller but of course they had no idea how. I can't use my left hand very well so I don't use a game pad style controller, so I really need to find the options menu.

On the Main menu all I see is enter Paradise city, start a party, burnout store, and exit.

If I click on enter Paradise city I am taken Directly into the game. When I try to pause from with in the game all I see is an option to go to the burnout store And my in game accomplishments. I don't even see anything like exit to main menu.

I did download the latest patches for the game they did not help.

Does anyone know how I can configure my controller?
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ok...the burnout paradise interface is horrible
1) hit escape while playing
2) in the left corner there should be this : [<F1][F2>]
3) hit f1 and f2 to scroll through the different menus. (you may have to wait a few seconds as the game renders the menu screens, meanwhile you should see slow-mo images of your car)
in the menus find the controls menu and change it from there

just wondering, why can't you use your left hand? all you need is 3 buttons: accelerate, boost and brake
thanks, my left hand doesnt work as well asd ny right sy i use a flightstick type controller to do everything righthanded
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