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Can I change the audio volume on vob's permanently?

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I made a dvd, burned it and deleted the files off my hdd and I noticed that I burned it with the audio volume way to low so the only way to hear it is when I'd put the tv volume way up. So I copied my home made dvd back into the hdd and now I'm wondering if there's a way that I can open the vob's somehow and raise/increase the audio volume and then burn those new vob's to have the proper volume level permanently. So is there a program or something that can help me do this? Cause I don't wanna have to remake menus and buttons all over again.
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With the source DVD folder:

Using Pgcedit, demux the video, audio, subtitles and chapters to a folder.

Use the likes of 'Audacity' (with the ffmpeg library) to open the demuxed ac3 file, apply some amplification and export as a new ac3 file.

Using Muxman, mux the video, new ac3, subtitles and chapters to a new DVD folder.

Use Vobblanker to open the source DVD folder;replace the source Title with the new Title (from the new DVD folder) - 'Process' and you now have the new Title with the source menu.

The current Audacity release, if you click 'Edit' > 'Preferences' has the option to download the required library.
All of the programs are freeware and are available at Afterdawn or Videohelp.

The awkward step is the audio.
Not a lot of programs handle AC3 directly - most want it converted to WAV format first, then you have to get it back to AC3.
Is there a simpler program? like one that can open vob's, tweak the audio volume level and then spit out the new vob's with the new audio level?
I don't know of anything that can do that without demuxing the streams.

If you get no other responses, try the hotshots in the Audio Forum at Videohelp.
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