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Bitlord won't Connect.... used to, won't now

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Until just a few days ago, I have been without internet so I have been taking my pc to a friend's house to download via bitlords. Now I have my own DSL connection but bitlord won't download. When I open it and a torrent, it just says connecting but never connects and downloads.

A friend said this might be an IP issue but I don't know much about this... any help please!?!?
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Are you using a router now or maybe a modem with a firewall, are either here: Could be your ISP block's torrent's, is it here (there are plenty more too):
I'm not using a router, just a POE injector. My ISP is Valnet and they're not listed on that list of "bad" providers.
Is there a way of checking your NAT, most client's show a green or red light if the port is blocked? If not, open BitLord and go to Shield's Up and do a custom check on the port BitLord is using. If BitLord has the option, you might want to try disabling UPnP and downloading at an off peak time, too, like overnight, some ISP's that block during peak usage don't then. If thing's get fixed up or even if they don't, you may want to try a different client, BitLord is based on an earlier version of BitComet and all its bug's, is banned on most private site's and come's with Adware.
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