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please help my psp is stuck in recovery mode

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whenever i switch my psp on a pink screen appears saying recovery mode
i am not able to get out of it and want to play my psp again
please help
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I think the firmware is messed up. If you haven't opened it up yourself, sony can fix it (they won't touch it if it looks tampered with). I heard the process is similar to unbricking or the pandoras box, however that works.
Oh yeah, you could try leaving the battery out and not plugging it in for a month or two. When you activate it after an amount of time it forgets all your settings and acts like you just started it up again for the first time and you have to go through the intital settings again.
yeah i tried putting my battery out and reinstalled it in a week and it returned to normal but after few days again it got stuck in recovery mode
can you downgrade it to original firmware like 1.50 for phat or 3.60 for slim i think and try again. did you change any setting on your recovery console? can you put them all back to the default settings?
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