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Memor32, Memento & Alcohol 120%

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I have been using Alcohol for some time now to do my DVD back ups (Kids+Discs=Expensive exercise in futility) and am looking at getting a Memor32 for the PS2 and running it with Memento to save myself from money there (worships Aussie high court). When looking at the information on Ozmodchips, it talks about needing to patch the games while using imgburn. I just want to know if this patching is still a necessary step when using Alcohol?

Thanks in advance.
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I would assume so Aylyese. The memor32 applies to what might be called a "media check" to the card at the time of the game being backed up. The console is then fooled and play can commence. Alcohol 120% will almost without flaw, backup any PSX or PS2 game out there. If you have checked out their site, you'll see a mass of info just waiting. Great software, I've had it for ages too.
It all sounds simple enough, keep us posted on how you get on ok? My sons will be keen on any news. :)


...(worships Aussie high court)...

Those are few and far between aren't they?.. lol.
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