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PS3 Turns on for a couple of seconds then turns itself off HELP

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my PS3 turns on for a couple of seconds then turns itself off, beeps then i get a continuous flashing red light.
does anyone know what could be the problem?
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Dazzzle Account closed as per user's own request
after searching the net, i came across a video showing the exact same problem mine is having. and it was described as the red light of death.
it is just a flashing red light when it turns itself off not with yellow like most on the net

anyone know if there is a fix for this?
i'm willing to try anything
Is it the same PS3 that you were trying to fix in this thread?:

Dazzzle Account closed as per user's own request
hi, that isn't me on the other thread. thats someone called dazzed.
my problem is that my ps3 wont come on.
when power button is pushed it starts to power on, fan spins etc, then after about 3-5 secs it beeps and cuts out, then flashes red continuously.
Dazzzle Account closed as per user's own request
if anyone could suggest a fix that works
i'll happily paypal them 50 pounds
i am having the same problem. can anyone help? my brain can't take anymore.
If it doesn't flash the ylod, and its fully functional within the 5 seconds I'd think that likely the heat sink solution has either deteriorated or there wasnt enough applied or wasnt applied well at the factory. Causing it to almost instantly overheat due to bad heat transfer to the heatsink. I can't say that's it 100% sure but that's what it seems like to me.

Remember if you open up the ps3 sony will not touch it even if you pay them to fix it.

regarding the ps3 turning itself off. Mine went down 2 days ago and I ahve been on with sony a few times. I bought the ps3 for over 400 ( impatient ) when it first came out. Told this to sony and ofter them talking to their supervisors they say that nothing can be done and I will have to pay 150 for a refurbished console. Pissed off and thinking a new exbox and bluray dvd player I can get for 300 pounds. So the choice is $550 for my second ( and used ) ps3 or 300 for xbox 360. This seems to be a big problem from what I have researched and with no real reason for it the chance for it happening again is very very real.
Dazzzle Account closed as per user's own request
i sold my non working one on ebay and got over a 100 for it
then bought a 1 month old jasper xbox360 for 80
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