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free flv cutter

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im looking for a free flv cutter. are there any i cant finf a good one googling
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Try AviDemux.
Drag the file onto the window.
Set the options on the left side
Use the slider and A/B buttons
Click the 'Save ' logo and give the clip a name (including extension) e.g newclip.flv

thanks for the freebie but i get a keyframe error, it says the beginning frame is not a keyframe, please move the A marker, ive moved marker A a few times and get the same error.. where am i suppose to move it, is there something in the settings i.e. time, frame, i need to look for to set it to .

frame type says I (00)
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The circled arrows are for setting the start and end selections by keyframe.
Keyframes are typically every 15 frames.
If the keyframes have been created too far apart (perhaps every 100 frames) then selecting the clip you want may not be possible.
Choose your A/B points then click on the keyframe buttons to get to the closest keyframes.

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