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My DS charges but does not turn on. Help please?

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Ok i own 2 ds's. A ds lite(black) and a regular ds (silver). Well i dropped my ds lite while it was charging. When i tried to turn it on the green light would turn on for about a couple of seconds and turn off. So.. i looked it up on google and it told me to remove the F1 power fuse since it may have shorted out. And so i did. I removed the F1 and F2 fuses and soldered both of them. The problem persists. So i opened up my working regular ds (silver) to see if it could give me some insight on what could be the problem but that was a big mistake. I carefully detached everthing and when i reattached everything on the regular ds it wouldn't turn on. So... now i'm stuc with no ds's....

what should i do?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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If you are getting the following, green light comes on for a few seconds then goes off, then the DS is failing the start up check.

It is usually down to a faulty connection or screen, if one of the screens flashes as the unit turns off then it is down to the other screen (the one that flashes is OK)

The one you dropped may not flash any screen as both may have been damaged when dropped, but it is a screen issue.

The one you took apart, it is probalby the same but the connector not a faulty screen. Try putting the screen ribbons back in again (make sure the dark part of the connector lines up with the white line on the circuit board)

I would also put replace the fuses as they are there for a reason, F1 protects against charging issues and F2 against running issues (they are available on if you cannot find them elsewhere)

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Yes with the DS lit i am getting the problem of the bottom screen flashing right before it powers off.The top screen doesn't do anything. So the ds lite won't power on if there isn't a screen connected to it? Let's say i have the top screen disconnected and the bottom screen connected. It won't power on because the motherboard recognizes that the top half is missing?

And if this is the case will a new top screen fix this problem?

Oh the regular ds (silver) doesn't power on either. no lights nothing. When i stick in the charger (with battery inside ds) the red light glows for about 2-3 seconds then turns off. The ds (Silver) won't turn on at all, even when i press the button. I also tried to power it on by pressing the power button immediately after inserting the charger and i can get a green light for about 1 sec. Any insight on the silver ds?

Thanks kittymat for your input.
Lite - yes replace the top screen and it will work correctly. There are various places to get them from, (cheap but takes up to 3 weeks)ebay etc.

Phat - with nothing illuminated you have probably blown fuse F2 (the one next to the NDS / Silver slot)If you have a multimeter you can test this prior to replacing.

Hope this all halps

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ok i removed the f2 fuse on the DS phat and soldered it and it works again. thanks . I greatly appreciate your input. Oh and i'll be ordering a new top screen for my ds lite. Thanks for the advice,i can't thank you enough
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