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Acer Aspire One ZG5 Linuz reinstall help!!

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My friend has an Acer Aspire One ZG5 with Linux installed (or linpus?) Anyway using my Windows XP PC I have tried using the recovery DVD included with the AAOne to make a recovery USB but it just freezes after selecting "Create USB Recovery Drive"

So can anyone direct me to the needed files, iso etc to be able to install it to USB so I can reinstall to the AAOne? Or another process of maing the USB? I am novice at this though!

The reason for doing this is because they updated the AAOne and since then cannot go online and the network option wont open, i have read online about this and tried several things such as deleting the network folder but none helped, thus the reason for the reinstall IF!! i can make the USB recovery!

Thanks in advance
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OzMick Suspended account
No idea and don't think anyone has one here, I've got an Eee. Try finding an AAO specific forum.
Originally posted by OzMick:
No idea and don't think anyone has one here, I've got an Eee. Try finding an AAO specific forum.
Erm ok then!
Use an external dvd drive connected to the aao. You could always install ubuntu linux. It's a lot better than linpus.
I have an Aspire One but don't know what 'ZG5' denotes ?, i guess it's a model number. Anyways, it's dead easy as steo46 posted. Either put a decent linux on there (i replaced that buggy Linpus crap with XP on mine) or put XP on there.
I also updated the BIOS on mine via a USB disk, made bootable by some info found on the net. Or you could install whichever OS you want from a USB stick. Either way if you search thru my posts i've posted all the relevant info previously..

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I have mine dual booting wth vista ultimate and ubuntu. I had to update the bios as it died after the ubuntu install. The usb bios install brought it back alive and it hasn't had a problem since then.
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