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Guide - How to make a Pandora Battery (hardmod) and MMS!!! (unbrick)

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This is a guide for the SLIM PSP and works on VISTA! This is how to make a Pandora's Battery (hardmod) and a Magic Memory Stick. This guide can be used to unbrick a Slim PSP and install 5.00m33-4.

Pandora Battery

First of all make sure you have a spare battery because you will not be able to boot the PSP normally with the Pandora's Battery.

1. Open the spare battery with a knife or a screwdriver.

2. Remove the top of the battery

3. Remove the leg(leg is in a green circle in picture) of the chip above to the word IC04.

That should be it for making the battery.
If your PSP is bricked, when you insert the battery the green power light should stay on with no screen. If this happens to your PSP you have done everything right so far. The next step is to make the magic memory stick.

Magic Memory Stick

1. Download PSP Grader v008 from this link

2. Open PSP Grader v008

3. On PSP Grader v008 press the download button.

4. Once it has finished downloading insert your Memory card to your PC and select the psp/memory stick drive on PSP grader

5. Select format Memory Stick

6. Select Create Pandora Stick and it should make it.


Once it has successfully made the memory stick do this.
Take out the battery and insert the Memory Stick and then insert the Pandora Battery WHILE HOLDING THE L TRIGGER.

Keep holding the L trigger and the psp lights should start blinking like crazy and then a menu should come up.
Select Install 5.00m33.
Once you have done that and it has finished successfully, turn off your psp. Insert your normal battery wihtout the magic memory stick and see if it turns on.
If it has, Congratulations! You have successfully unbricked your psp.
If you had any problems, please reply and tell me what has happened and I will help you


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