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.sub to .srt - keep properties + fonts?

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I know how to convert .sub/.idx files to .srt files. What I want to know is that, is there any way to convert them but keep properties + font i.e.

For the .sub/.idx files I have for my anime avi's, on certain parts the sub's are present at the top and bottom of the screen as it gives the japanese lyrics as well as the english translation. The japanese being at the top and the english at the bottom.

But when I covert to .srt all the fonts and text properties are lost i.e. the text changes colour to white and is all at the bottom of the screen.

So what I am asking is, is there any way to convert .sub/.idx files to .srt but keep the text font + properties e.g. colour, positioning etc.?

[BTW I own the Dvd's for the anime's, so not illegals + I used subresync to convert .sub/.idx to .srt files]
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The .srt subs don't/can't contain colour/font information.

You can hardcode the sub/idx files using VirtualDub and the VobSub plugin.
These subs can be positioned on the frame (perhaps the top) and will retain the font/size/colour of the original.
In additional, a .srt subtitle file can bedisplayed at the bottom.

It is possible to add two sets of sub/idx subtitles - however, I found that on playback both subs do not appear simultaneously.
There is a perceptible delay between the two - the delay is not apparent with one of each sub/idx and .srt.

This is somewhat related.

I downloaded a sub in .mkv format, but I want to play through my PS2 so I can watch it on TV. But since the subs are a separate track within the container, I have to embed them into the video file because the PS2 doesn't have enough buffer space to let soft subs work correctly.

All I'm trying to do is take the already made sub track and embed it into the video extracted from the mkv container. But even if I take the sub track (which extracts as .ssa) straight from extraction to embedding in the video, all the formatting is lost. I don't necessarily care about original text styles, but there are spots where two lines are supposed to display at once in different parts of the screen, and none of the programs I've tried will allow that to happen. Either one or both of the simultaneous-display lines will be missing, or everything gets jammed together and becomes unreadable anyway.

I need something, be it software or just a process I don't know to do that will leave the original formatting without having to go back and essentially rebuild the subs one episode at a time. Does anyone know of what will help me?
I think the original format are bitmap images, you're converting them
to text based.
There's a program called sub2divx that will allow you to set font and
color of text based subs - I think it converts them back to
a bitmap. This is not exactly what you want, but perhaps as close as
you will get.
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