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LG begins shipping new BD390 Blu-ray player

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LG has begun shipping its high end BD390 Blu-ray player this week, with a price tag of $400 USD. The player is the first of its kind to playback DivX videos at full 1080p, whether it is burned to a DVD or being played from a flash drive. Other nice specs the player has is Wi-Fi, 1GB internal storage and Blu-ray BD-Live compatibility. The BD390 also has built-in Netflix and YouTube ...

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atomicxl Suspended due non-functional email address
Anytime I see a Blu-ray player selling for $400 or more, my mind always says, "So basically it's offering less movie features than a PS3 AND it can't play any games at all... and it cost more... ummm..."
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So true, I got the ps3 and it does all this plus games, online, etc. I am happy with all the extras not on the basic blu ray player.
i really wouldn't mind a separated market, when people think Ps3 they think Media player, or blue-ray player when in fact its priority as a game machine was slandered. granted i do not see why they still charge 200+ for top of the line models. niche market i suppose.
This does do one thing the PS3 will not: Play Netflix movies. The PS3 is still a much better media center than this thing.
That's why I got the previous model at a nice price when Circuit City was going out of business.
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