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VHS to DVD audio sync problem..

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Hi, hoping someone here can be of assistance.
I have a stack of old VHS tapes and a friend of mine is converting them to DVD and mailing them to me as we go along. Many of these tapes are four hours long so rather than use a standalone DVD burner she's doing the conversion through her computer and adding menus, etc.

I'll try and be as detailed and specific as possible:

She has a pro VCR and transfers vhs with intervideo dvr 3.
Then, using AVS video editor, she goes through each the video, cutting them in pieces, separating and reorganizing the different videos.
She uses Nero to compile, create menus and chapter breaks. Then she saves to HD.
Finally she burns with a program called Ones.

Anyway in many cases the audio is out of synch in some selections but not in all, on a DVD.

She suggested that possibly I could have bad burns because she doesn't experience the audio being out of sync on her copies but I don't see that as being possible.

However, she watches DVDs on her computer rather than on standalone DVD player.

My two questions are: What can we do to correct the sync issues on what she's already compiled, and what can we do to prevent this occurrence in general? What are we missing, what are we overlooking or what are we doing wrong?

Thanks alot,
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There's no simple answer. It takes some detective work.
If certain sections are out of sync, were those sections
cut and reassembled earlier in the process?
When ever videos are cut or split, there exist the small possibility
of the sound going out.
How was it captured? Is it VBR audio? That increases the likelihood
even further.
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