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AVIAddXSubs problem

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hi guys.i've got problem with AVIAddXSubs.
when i want add a srt sub to a avi (HD 1920x1080) file , the program show a error and say this is not avi (avi mark) !
anyone know?

Best Regards
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Mpeg-ts:14.2 GIB 1h 55mn
1 video stream:AVC
1 audio stream:AC-3

that was a mkv file and i converted with mkv2vob to avi.

Best Regards
...avi files containing DivX/XVid video streams
Has to be DivX or XviD in the AVI container

Are you aware that the subtitles created by AviAddXSubs can only be displayed on a standalone player - none of the PC software players show them and I doubt that a standalone player would accept a file with that resolution (1920x1080).
actually i want play it on my play station3 .
the only way to add subtitle to a avi flle is AVIAddXSubs !
and it's Xvid .

Best Regards
Old topic but I tried this software yesterday but couldnt get it to work.
It made a new video file but no matter what I did the subs wasnt included.
Im sure I did something wrong but what?
If only there was a option to add the srt file and the avi file then it should be ok but I was only able to add 1 of them?
I don't use either PS3 or XBox, but I have used it to add the subtitle stream to avi files.
Note that it outputs the new file with the .divx extension, which I change to .avi to work on a standalone player.
You might have better responses from one of the Console Forums at Afterdawn.
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