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Any way to circumvent Charter's anti-piracy measures?

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I apologize if this is against the rules of these forums or if this is in the wrong section. I am new here.

Anyways, when downloading copyrighted media over P2P, I have gotten letters in the mail from Charter. Two times I have downloaded games, both from torrents and through uTorrent, and they have sent me letters informing me that they know I pirated a game and that I should delete it immediately or face legal consequences.

My question is, how the heck do they know? And how would I go about circumventing this so that I can download freely, besides switching from Charter.

Again, if this talk is not permitted here I apologize. If so could someone please provide a link where this can be spoken about freely.

Thank you.
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They knew because the various authorities (MPAA. RIAA, etc) employ companies whose only task is to harvest ip addresses for them. I would hazard a guess that you're not using some form of ip blocker; only around 60 - 70% but better than nothing. PeerGuardian, PeerGuardian's RC 1 for Vista, bluetack's blocklist for Vuze (any OS) and joining some private site's will help but the only way I know that is 100% is don't download.
I use PeerGuardian 2 on Vista, and all my downloads come from Demonoid (which is a private site, right?). I will try this blocklist manager thing and doing the other suggestions.
Just a note on Demonoid. Demonoid is a semi-private site.

The instructions for uploading a torrent to Demonoid state to not mark the torrent as Private.

This means that DHT and PEX are enabled on torrents at Demonoid (not all as some users still mark as private) and that means non-members can connect on those torrents through DHT and PEX. You might consider disabling those when downloading. They can be disabled in the uTorrent box that comes up when you add (if you use it) by clicking on the Advanced button at the bottom.
If the torrent is already in, right-click>Properties>General tab and you can de-select if necessary.

Also, Demonoid allows public trackers to be added to a torrent in addition to the Demonoid tracker, so you should check and delete those. The tracker info can be obtained in the same places as above.
Here.s some old info but good on Demonoid: Demonoid is safer but is an odd duck and really a semi private site. Registration is required but a ratio there is not policed. Their torrent's are posted on public site's and I think external torrent's there are from outside source's. Edit: I'm a slow typist but that's insane.
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I know some one that has survived after 'the letter' he stopped for a few months but now he only used private sites and turned off DHT. He had been using forced encryption & PG2 and still does. He now only does about 25% of what he had been doing. He has been up and running for over 6 months.

I am sure it is your volumn that attracted Charter's 'evil eye' on you. I have been volintarly cutting my volume by 30% every 6 months to stay under the radar.

Torrents is not what it used to be but the selection is better.
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New torrents on demonoid are public.. for 4 weeks .. after that membership is required and the torrent should remain private

I mark my torrents private and because I only do old and obscure things anyway my blocklists stay clear. Binks has never said anything to me about it being REQUIRED to turn dht on or mark the torrent public.
Ratio is policed.. drop under .3 and things will be said.. usually by old timers like me noting ip's in our logs and reporting people persistently using hit'n'run methods.

Never touch anything brand new.. it's that simple .. the this weeks film or game are the things they watch for people downloading, not an obscure danish film from 2005 or a game from a couple of years ago

I have a real scumbag isp.. selling and charging for what they aren't prepared to provide and sending letters.. I haven't had a letter because I'm sensible about what I torrent.
Is it safer to download stuff from websites like Megaupload? When I download PSP games I have recently been using links from that go to sites like megaupload and rapidshare, is getting stuff from here safer than torrents?
One last thing. Force or have encryption on all the time if you continue to use torrents.

I would stop if I was you and go to news groups. The next time they catch you you will be gone.
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