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Removing extra's with dvd rebuilder

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Basically I'm wanting to use dvd decrypter to backup my dvd's onto my hard drive into video ts folder, and then remove all but the movie itself. I have been using dvd rebuilder free and cce sp to decrease the size, but have not been able to totally remove all of the extras. I know I can remove extra's like I want in dvd shrink, but the quality will not be as good. So my questions are can this be done in dvd rebuilder free version, or do I have to have the pro version. Also if I rip the files to my hard drive with dvd decrypter, run them through dvd rebuilder, and then use dvd shrink with NO compression to take out all the extra's, will it hurt the quality of the final product?
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You cannot do this with the free version.
You can do all your re-authoring with DVD Shrink and save the files uncompressed and then use Rebuilder.
You can also use VobBlanker to blank or remove languages and still keep the menu and then use Rebuilder.

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So I was really doing this in the wrong order. I should use decrypter first, then shrink, and finally rebuilder, instead of decrypter rebuilder and then shrink. And by leaving the files uncompressed in shrink, taking just the movie out, and encoding them with rebuilder I will get the same quality I started with? Is it even necessary to run rebuilder at the end if I'm just taking the movie out with shrink? Is it going to save me any space or give any benefits from doing so.
Also let me clarify on what I'm trying to accomplish. I want to take my dvd collection and rip them to my NAS or NMT device for play back directly to my tv from that device. I will either have them in iso or avi type format, havevn't decided yet. All I care about is the movie itself, no extras or menus, obtaining the best quality I can, and if possible keeping the size down so that it's not so big. I can live with a 4-4.5 gb file size if quality doesn't suffer.
Using the steps outlined by dialysis is the right order to take..However since you don't care about the extras or menus, you may not need DVDRB at all if, 'No Compression' is used..Using Shrink in Re-author mode backup the main flick only and save as single VOB for your NAS device..I don't use a NAS, but I stream single VOB,MPG etc. to the PS3...
In Shrink-->Preferences->Output Files-> uncheck 'Split VOB files into 1GB size chunks'...
You could also do the same with DVD Decrypter..Is there a filesize limitation with the NAS?...
No file size limit, but I am restricted by the file types my xbox 360 will read. The plan for right now is to stream dvd's from the nas to the xbox 360 across my network. In the next month or two I plan to get a Network Media Tank and just house all the dvd files on it's local hard drive, which should take care of the file type problem.
DVDRemake 3.6.3 (dimadsoft) is your best solution, it is easiest and to the point. Although there's a price tag but you can get the program for free by selecting 'TrialPay'. All you have to do is select a vendor like Netflix and Dimadsoft will e-mail you the serial number to activate its full version of DVDRemake. For example: try Netflix for two weeks, then keep or cancel it, it's up to you, but you get DVDRemake 3.6.3 for free right away.

I've been using this program for about 3 months now and it saves me a lot of time and hassles about guessing which VOB, BUP or VST files to cancel, instead, it shows the actual frames you want to delete - or keep.
Sorry, forgot to mention for the above statement that you can still keep the full Menus of your edited DVDs.
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