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hdtv connect to dvd/vcr combo

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I bought an AOC Envision Flat Panel HDTV. I have a Sharp DV-RW340U DVD/VCR combo. I simply want to connect them. The combo worked great with my analog TV for recording and playing VHS tapes and DVD's. But I am at a total loss now.

My AOC manual shows jacks and etc but no schematic and it is in black and white so there is no color coding to help me out.It shows pictures of some jacks and cables and does not number or name them. Just says "Once your equipment is connected, use the following procedure to view."
Then it goes on to tell me how to use the front panel control for my sound etc.

??????? Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you.

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More than likely your DVD/VCR combo has only composite or s-Video output and stereo RCA for sound.

Since you did not provide the model number of your TV, I cannot tell what the input jack layout is.

A little more information would be helpful.
My hdtv is NOC Model #L32W761. My dvd/vcr combo does not have a tuner so do I need to use a converter box? I do not need to record from TV to my vhs but I do want to record to the dvd. Should I just connect to the dvd part of my combo unit? I hope I will not have to buy a new combo with a tuner. Spendy! Can I just use red, yellow and white or will I need to buy some other color jacks. Thanks much for your help. I have been running all over town trying to found out what I need buy I get different information from different stores and nothing they have told me works yet.

What's your TV system? Cable/Satellite or OTA/Antenna (Over the Air)?
Sorry... I totally forgot to tell you. Antenna over the air.

Also, I made a mistake on my hdtv. It is an AOC.

If you are in the US, you will need a digital converter for the VCR/DVD recorder. According to the manual, the unit has a tuner, but it's an ANALOG tuner.

As far as the connection for the TV, this is as best as I can figure it out.

Keeping it simple and using the 3 cable configuration (composite video and stereo). You need 3 RCA cables.

Connect the video cable from the recorder marked Video Out under DVDVCR (#8 in the manual) to the jack marked Video (under AV IN)

Connect the Left and Right Audio cable from the DVD/VCR Audio out to the TV AV IN L and R. (L to L and R to R)

This will connect the recorder to the TV and allow you to see what the recorder is recording or play DVDs. You will need to choose "composite source" as the input on the TV to see output from the DVD/VCR.

You may be able to do this another way, which would be to record from the TV output, but you wouldn't be able to watch another program while recording.

I hope that this helps.
That is exactly how I have it set up. That works perfectly with analog. I can record from the analog tv and play back both vhs and dvd. However, with the hdtv I cannot get tv through the vcr. Composite source just gives me a solid blue screen. Some of the other sources seek but cannot get a signal. I have the yellow, white and red jacks into the "in" AV and the VCR/DVD combo "outs". My vcr does not have a digital tuner so I need to find a way to convert the hdtv signals to analog.

Thanks again.

"My vcr does not have a digital tuner so I need to find a way to convert the hdtv signals to analog. "

You need a digital coverter box, just like people who have older TV sets. Connect it between an antenna and the RF in on the DVD/VCR.

Either that or you need to connect the TV Composite out to the DVD/VCR composite in.
I don't have composite on my hdtv or my vcr. I have component for both of them. I also do not have an RF in on my vcr. Does that mean I will have to buy and rf modulator to work with the converter box?
According to the manuals you have composite on both.

TV manual, page 11. Composite video is under AV IN and called VIDEO

DVD/VCR manual page 8. Composite video is under DVD/VCR and called Video In (for Video input) and Video OUT (for video output).

A correction to my prior post. You do not have a Video out on your TV. Your only alternative is to get a digital converter box for your DVD/VCR.

The RF jacks are called TV Antenna In and TV Antenna out. I am going by the manual for the model number that you provided. Everything I have read and researched indicated that this model has an analog TV tuner. If your DVD/VCR until truly has no RF (TV Antenna) in or out, then you cannot record VCR or DVD with your current TV.
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Dailun... thank you so much for your patience in explaining all this to me. I was confused by composite and rf. When I get the converter box I should now be able to get it hooked up and working. I will let you know how it goes. My sister lives in another town but will bring it over on Friday.

My dvr does have antenna in and antenna out. I previously had my antenna connected to antenna in on my vcr/dvd combo. I had my antenna in from the hdtv connected to antenna out on the vcr/dvd combo. One of the technicians at Radio Shack told me to connect the tv antenna directly to the TV in. But you have helped me to understand now that I cannot make this work without the converter box.

OK. Now it will be:

Antenna <--> digital converter box <--> TV antenna in on DVD/VCR.

DO NOT GO TV ANTENNA OUT FROM THE DVD/VCR TO THE TV! It will work but you will lose HD quality.

You will also need an Antenna for the TV, but no converter box because the TV has a digital tuner.

Then you should be able to do what you did with your old TV.

Good luck, I should be watching the forums on Friday.
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Cool. Do I need to buy a separate antenna for the TV? Antenna directly into TV? I can use my current antenna for the converter box.
You can try one antenna through a splitter. I do not know how well it would work.
buy a good splitter and split the antenna coaxial cable as it exits the wall and plug one into antenna (OTA)"in" for HDTV and the other into the digital converter box and then the dvd/vcr combo. Then use the AVI cables from the dvd/vcr to the avi "in" for the HDTV. That way you may watch and record something else at same time. The signal coming from the antenna needs to be good if you split the cable tho. When you are watching and not recording by pass all the dvd/vcr stuff and select the antenna from the HDTV to get you picture directly from the antenna.

Okay Guys... I didn't get back to you yet because I couldn't get it working. My sister didn't bring the manual with the converter. I did look the manual for her Mag converter up online and it tells me to select the viewing channel (3 or 4) on my TV. My TV doesn't have one. My sister is looking for her manual currently, but I looked at another manual online and it said to select 3 or 4 on my converter box. The converter box does not have such a thing either. Therefore, I haven't been able to get the box to talk to my tv.

I have been to radio shack again and to another guy who gave me another hookup scheme. Have several of those now and nothing has allowed me to view digital through my vcr. ...... yet. I am seriously considering just buying a dvd recorder with tuner just keeping my dvd/vcr combo for dubbing tapes into the cd. I have so many that it will probably takes years because it is so low on my priority list that I only do a few when I have a good sized time slot.

I started to get a splitter but I have two antennas. My big problem seems to be the channel selector that neither the tv nor the stb has. In source code video 1 composite, I can get analog uhf but I can't get digital. Nothing will come through the stb. I think I have wasted too much time on it.

Thanks a bunch for your efforts to help me with this. I need someone's 12 year old kid to set it up for me. :(
. . . "tells me to select the viewing channel (3 or 4) on my TV. My TV doesn't have one."


This is instructing you to select Channel 3 or 4 on the DVD/VCR recorder.

If you can't tune the DVD/VCR recorder to a channel then how did you record shows in the past?

You don't connect the converter to the TV. The TV HAS a digital tuner. The Converter is to convert the Digital OTA signal to the ANALOG tuner of the DVD/VCR recorder.

One thing at a time.

Antenna <-> Digital Converter <-> RF in on VCR
RCA from VCR to TV (as stated in my previous post)

ON VCR, select channel 3 (or) 4 (whatever the converter box output is set for)
On TV, select Composite IN as the TV INPUT. (Press the input button on the TV remote, stepping through the inputs.
Change channels with the Digital converter box
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Have several of those now and nothing has allowed me to view digital through my vcr.

Just to reinforce what Dailun has mentioned it in his last post, You will NEVER get a digital signal into and out of your VHS machine it is an analog signal handler and that's why you need the converter to give the VHS recorder an analog signal. The turner in the VCR has no idea what a digital signal is. But is does know channel 3 or 4 analog output coming from the converter, so "tune in" 3 or 4 on the VCR tuner.

Okay Dailun ... it is working! I was baffled by how to select channel 3. I did not realize I could do that by going through the VCR setup menu. Thanks for keeping at me until I got it right. That finally got me to the point that I could access the Converter Box Setup. Then I was able to do auto scan and complete the process. You are a great teacher. :)

Thanks Garmoon. I really appreciate both you guys. I just finished recording a dvd and it worked out fine. Quality is not the greatest but it is good enough. I can record my uhf religious programming in analog and can now do the dtv recording through the converter box. Definitely not the quality we got before dtv; however, if I just wait long enough, the technology will probably kick in and there will eventually be tons of stuff on the market that will give us better options.

Thanks again for your input.

Glad to hear that it's working.

now you can split the cable and run one end straight to your TV tuner with over the air digital signal so you can enjoy the OTA HD signal on your HD TV and only use the converter box to when you want to record.

Glad you got it sorted we're glad to help here. Now part 2:

to HD TV digital antenna signal in
Cable from Antenna>cable splitter>
to Digital Converter Box> VCR>
HDTV (like you have it now)

You need a good signal to split it, and a quality splitter too.

Edit: Above sequence is jumbled on the proper connection
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Garmoon ...I finally got around to picking up a splitter. Wow ... the recording quality has improved considerably both hdtv and uhf. Thanks to you and Dailun for your expertise. God bless you both!!!

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