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I bought a pack of TDK DVD+R a couple of days ago. On the box underneath the DVD+R Label it says "DVD RECORDABLE/DVD INSCRIPTIBLE"

Just wondering what it means by "inscriptible" in terms of DVD R's?

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If you remember your French lessons (assuming you have studied French, or one of the other romance languages) the structure of the word INSCRIPTIBLE would have given it away, as would the label and packaging.

INSCRIPTIBLE is French, broadly meaning:

1 - Inscribable
2 - Writable
3 - Recordable

Have Fun....

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yea..I suppose it was a stupid question.

I only did a bit of French at school tho and only got as far as Q: "ous est la livre?" A: La livre est sur la table"

One day I'll go to France and when I do I'll be waiting for someone to lose their book and ask me where it is..I'll just have to hope its on the table, hehe.

Anyway..thanks for answering my dumb question. I'm sure I have many more dumb questions to ask in future :)

yea..I suppose it was a stupid question.
Don't be so hard on yourself! There are quite a few now inactive geniuses that have you beat by a mile :)
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