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1 terabyte HDD

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Already put mine on order for when their released! wohooo one TB of storage! ohh all the clutter I can keep hanging around now {snickers}

Anyone else see these 1 TB HDDs?
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who makes it?

AMD athlon 64 3200+
ATI 9800 pro all in wonder
Memorex dual x format
ps2 v10, Magic V 5K6
LaCiE makes the 1 TB HDD avaible now.
UPDATED: 1 terabyte disk drives unveiled
A million-fold improvement in data storage in half a century
posted 12:31pm EST Thu Jan 15 2004 - submitted by Sander Olson
A company called Lacie has officially unveiled a one terabyte hard drive. The 5.25" drive, which should become available in February, will sell for about US$1,200. This 11-pound device supports USB 2.0 and FireWire, and has an average seek time of only 10 milliseconds. The price/capacity ratio of this device (over $1 per gigabyte) isn't particularly impressive, and the drive's 7,200 RPM mean that data access may not be quite as fast as with the 10,000 and 15,000 RPM drives that are now available. Nevertheless, Lacie's announcement indicates just how far disk storage capacities have increased during the past half century. In 1955 IBM introduced the first hard drive, which it called RAMAC. George Rotsky described that system as being:

big, not quite ready for today's laptop. With its vacuum-tube control electronics, the RAMAC (for "random-access method of accounting and control") occupied the space of two refrigerators and weighed a ton. It stored those 5 million characters on 50 hefty aluminum disks coated on both sides with a magnetic iron oxide, a variation of the paint primer used for the Golden Gate Bridge.
IBM's RAMAC was announced in 1955 and became available in 1956. By 2006 5-terabyte hard drives may become available. If so, the computer storage industry will have increased hard drive capacity by a factor of one million in half a century. Update: As some commenters pointed out, this is undoubtedly a group of 200 or 250 GB IDE drives RAIDed together and stuffed in an enclosure. - RobGeek
Who needs a TB HDD? Except of course people in a profession that demands it. I struggle to fill 160GB's

Ohh I could find a way to fill it sooner or later {laffs} hell My 250 GB is 80% full now.. damned running an ftp server!

ya know all the warez junkies of the world are drooling over that 1 TB HDD daydreaming of all the warez/p0rn they could pile on it {LOL}
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