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Used DVD Shrink-Now how do I burn ?

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This was my 1st attempt at burning and I used Shrink 3.1.The movie is backed up and on my hard drive.I thought that I could burn using Shrink,if so how? I have not installed any other burning software although I do have Pinnacle Studio 8 which came with my writer. Shrink was so easy to use,I'm hoping to be able to burn using it also.Excuse me if I don't make much sense,I'm an extreme newbie getting used to the correct terminology and so happy to have found this site!
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hi jcsqerly
im not familiar with the pinnacle, but i do know, shrink doesnt burn.It does interface with nero to burn but not unless you have nero.
download dvd decrypter(free): and then.
You need to redo your disc with dvd shrink, but when it comes time,click backup, where it says select target device hit the drop down box and click,create iso disc image.Down at the bottom of this window youll see a box that says launch dvd decrypter,tick that box and when shrink is done doing its thing,decrypter will open up and burn your disc,all from freeware(ya gotta love that)
good luck and welcome to the club
let me know how it goes
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Hi jcsqerly,

There is no burning capability in Shrink. But the latest version (3.1.7) allows you to write the files to the hard drive as an ISO image file that DVD Decrypter (freeware) can burn to a disc.

I think you should consider to buy a burning software though, so that you can burn any kind of stuff (music, video, data). Many people here use Nero and are happy with it (including myself). For 70 dollars (or 50 euros) you will get disc burning, video editing, DVD authoring, MPEG-2/4 encoding and more. Plus a tool that allows you to use RW discs as floppy discs. It's worth the money.

Welcome on board !
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My current config is as follow:
DVD Shrink (latest) - compress and decode
ImgTool (latest) - convert to ISO
DVD Decrypter - Burn to DVD

All these softwares can be liked all together to form a sound dvd copying system, so no need to buy anything.
all these are free !

best regards

P4 1.5GHz, 384MB Rimm, 100GB HD, Win ME/XP/Linux RH9
GeForce 4 64MB, DVD+R/+RW NEC1100A
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@ 922588:
The latest DVD Shrink (3.1.7) can write the "shrunk" files directly as an ISO image. No need for ImgTool.
so is dvd shrink/dvd decrypter, dvd shrink to rip and shrink, and decrypter to burn(all free no need to buy a thing)
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yeah, what daba said!! lol
thanks daba
(note to self...learn to type faster)
good luck
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well, I'm using 3.1.7 as well and never saw the ISO direct creation in it. I think I will buy a new pair of glasses ...
thanks for the comment, daba


P4 1.5GHz, 384MB Rimm, 100GB HD, Win ME/XP/Linux RH9
GeForce 4 64MB, DVD+R/+RW NEC1100A
Hello, everyone. I'm another newbie to dvd backups. I've been using DVD X Copy Platinum, DVD Express and DVD Copy Plus. Platinum gives me disk errors 70% of the time. Express did ok, but wouldn't let me back up all the content on the DVD, and Copy Plus gave me unacceptable quality. I've spent a lot of money, and only made a few acceptable quality backups. I don't mind doing a few extra clicks, but I would REALLY like to actually back up some DVD's that are usable. I'm a little concerned because I read above that the DVD Shrink produces ISO files. That's what Copy Plus does and the result was lousy. I've got an AMD XP 2100+ system with 512Mb ram and 160Gb hard drive. Running XP Pro SP1 with all updates done. NVidia GeForce4 MX video card. I've got both Nero 5 and Roxio 6. What do you think? I don't want to invest the energy and add more software to my system if I'm not going to get a better result. Any input would be most appreciated. Seems like there is a lot of knowledge on this forum. Thanks. CG
compgran - have had horrible exp with Roxio products, would suggest Shrink and Nero 6 (or Nero Xpress even) I've never burt a coaster with this combo, would also suggest Verb Datalife and Ritek G04 media as well.
sillycybe - Thanks for your information. It's funny, but the only success I've had burning data dvd's has been with Roxio, but maybe that's because I have version 5 of Nero. I'll look into upgrading that. I'll also look for the media you suggested. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your help. CG
from what i've read, Nero and ROXIO fight like pigs in blanket when installed on the system, causing system instability and fighting for resources and whatnot...
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hiya compgran....

first things first......uninstall both roxio and Nero completely from your system.

then decide which one you want (i'd suggest nero) and re-install that.

forget all your 321 products (dvdx range)

download DVD Decrypter as well.

with shrink, decrypter and Nero you will have planty of perfect success.

BTW shrink and decrypter are totally free to download and use.

hope this helps

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I would also recommend the Nero v.6 and DVD Shrink combo using Ritek G04 dvd's. I have used XCOPY Plat. and am now mostly only using shrink. Good luck.
same here
shrink/nero/ritek go4 over 200 hundred backups and no coasters that werent my fault.

need help? read this thread first-->
Wow, thanks for all the responses. I'll take your advice. I'll be back to let you all know how it goes. Thanks everyone! CG
Just wanted to thank everyone for the great instructions. I followed them today and I can't believe how easy it was! Burned two disks with no problems and impressed my husband in the process.(normally I can't even figure out how to record with a VCR)So thanks again, and I'm sure I will have more questions shortly.
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I have tried using DVD Shrink to create ISO image, but unfortunately, the burned DVD (with DVD Decrypter) was not usable.
I tried it again using ImgTool (so DVD Shrink - ImgTool - DVD Decrypter) and it worked (I will never use Nero again - too many DVD wasted).
Any comment on DVD Shrink ISO creation ?

P4 1.5GHz, 384MB Rimm, 100GB HD, Win ME/XP/Linux RH9
GeForce 4 64MB, DVD+R/+RW NEC1100A
Hi, everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I finally used DVD Shrink a day or so ago, and it worked wonderfully. It did require me to think a little more than DVD X Copy Plat, but it didn't take long to figure it out. Thanks so much! I'm just bummed I spent so much money on 321 software, but you live and learn. One question - Is it necessary to do the "deep" or "detailed" (whatever) analysis? That seems to take a lot more time. I want a quality copy and am willing to invest the time, but it would be nice if it isn't normally necessary. Thanks, all, for your help. CG
a deep analysis isnt normally needed, it does say it improves video quality and does take longer so its upto the individual , i personally dont bother and all my back ups are xllent quality
also srink/nero/ritek g04 is the recipe i use

It seems that you're all on the right track but I haven't seen anyone say after selecting DVD Decrypter mode as an ISO Write mode, go down on the main page, below Destination and make sure that the box that says verify is un-ticked (This last one will cut down on DVD Decrypter errors.)

With that done your burning should be error free :P)

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The Old Man Pete ()

Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>

Should anybody continue to have difficulties - let us know and a guide will be forth-coming -

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What's this about a guide?

Visit us at for all of your DVD needs and discussions. It's a fun new site that could use your support. Everyone is welcome!
I say, Iffin ya read da threads around here-a-bouts you'll come across an "Uncle" ScubaPete Guide :P) - YA FOLLOW ALL THE DIRECTIONS AND ALL OF THE SETTINGS -
Anyway, it's a big thingie - Kind of looks like this -

Here we go, step by step - it can't fail, "Uncle" ScubaPete's can't miss "We're going ta burn a DVD backup right now, youngin's'" Guide to backing up :P).

To begin with, let's create a folder for your HD backup. . This is the place on your HD where DVD Shrink will work on your movie files and DVD Decrypter can pick them up to burn to disc. Try to put it someplace where you won't forget it (i.e. C:\ All My DVD Work\"Dumb and Dumber Meet the Parents Out for a Kill get Eaten Alive").

To make sure we don't miss a step; PRINT THIS GUIDE OUT NOW !

Next download DVD Decrypter and under "Mode" select "ISO, Write". Un-tick the box that says "Verify". Where it says, "Source", you'll leave that blank as DVD Decrypter will find the location of your backed up DVD file automatically. Lastly, where it says "Destination", select the drive where your burner resides. Feel free to close DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink will open it when it needs it.

Here's the link for the newest DVD Decrypter -

Download DVD Shrink. Open it and click "Edit", then click "Preferences" on this page we're going to select "DVD Target Size" as "Custom" and set the size between "4300" and "4360MB" - we do this to make sure that we don't write too close to the edge of the disc. Then under the "File I/O" tab un-tick "Enable burning with Nero" then click "OK"

Heres the link for the newest DVD Shrink -

Now you can place your original DVD in your DVD-ROM drive and a DVD blank in your burner's drive (If you have two drives). If you only have the one drive, put your original in that drive now. When the time comes for you to put in your blank in either the drive door will open OR a message will appear. As for your DVD blank media, THIS IS IMPORTANT. Poor quality DVD blanks are responsible for a host of copying errors and hence, failures. Look for a thread dealing with backup media where we'll discuss DVD media in depth. But for now, PLEASE acquire some of the following recommended media for use with this ScubaPete "mini-guide". Quality media would be Sony, Phillips, TDK, Ritek G04, Verbatim "DataLife", Verbatim DataLife Plus, Ridata or any media boasting "Advanced Metal AZO", Taiyo Yuden's and generally, almost any discs manufactured by Mitsubishi are excellent bets. -This might be a good time to use a DVD RW. We won't use them regularly because for 1, many older DVD players don't play them and 2, they cost too much (Lol). We want to use them now because if we make a mistake, it won't cost us a disc. When we get our steps down we'll then switch to our single-write media.
Now let's burn a DVD. Today we're doing a total backup, that's all the things on the original disc. There's no problem in doing this as long as we do not see any "Red" on the size bar at the top, right-hand area of DVD Shrink's program. (If you should see some "Red" there, on the size bar, simply "un-tick" any foreign languages, Director's comments or DTS sound boxes until the "Red" disappears.) With no "Red" visible on the size bar we just let the "Automatic" (Default) settings alone. THEN we select "Backup". Take just a second and under "Target Device" go to "Select backup target " once there, select "ISO Image File and burn with DVD Decrypter."
Now, under "Quality Settings", if it's SPEED you're after, "un-tick" the box which says, "Perform deep analysis" and "un-tick" the box for "Compress the video with high quality adaptive error compensation". This will give you acceptable DVD backup. If it's QUALITY you're after and have some extra time to spend, "tick" Perform deep analysis before backup to improve quality" AND "tick" "Compress video with high quality adaptive error compensation." There you may adjust quality enhancements. Practicing with the settings can produce even better end products. For a no-frills DVD's like "There's something about Mary" I like Extra Smooth BUT for DVD's with a lot of special effects, I use the Extra Sharp setting. That's for me, you'll have to decide what you like :) If all the boxes are "grayed out" that's OK, it means your DVD is small enough that little will be lost from the original. Finally, where it says "Select target image file", browse till you find your created folder for your backup and click "Save". That's it ! Click "OK" and DVD Shrink begins the process that burns that ISO image to your HD. What that means is DVD Shrink then opens DVD Decrypter and has it burn the ISO image to your waiting blank DVD.

Don't use your PC for anything at all while it's working.

When your PC is finished with the backup, she'll let you know :)

Remember, when you want a guide with warped personality, Shop ScubaPete



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Your DVD answers are at ScubaPete's DVD Backup Corner ~>
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