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Intel: We will soon beat ARM chips in power usage

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Justin Rattner, Intel's Chief Technology Officer has said this week that power usage in the company's next-generation wireless chip will equal processors created by rival ARM Holdings, with Intel pulling away with the generation after that. Says Rattner (via Reuters): "With (our) Moorestown processor we equal them on standby power, in the next generation Medfield we will equal them on active power." ...

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Don't believe anything McAfee tells you; they have been making huge claims since they were founded, and they have yet to make good on any of the claims they made way back then.
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I'm lost.What did this article have to do with McAfee?
banned spammer that killer was responding to.
Originally posted by solamf30:
I'm lost.What did this article have to do with McAfee?
McAfee = Intel
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