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Video Daily: The incredible Mozilla Labs concept smartphone

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Mozilla Labs has shown off the Seabird concept smartphone this week, the conclusion of the "Open Web Concept Phone" project which began in early 2009. The "Mozilla Labs Concept Series" asks the world what they want to see out of certain future devices, as long as they revolve around Firefox, Mozilla and the Open Web. Billy May, working directly off all the community feedback, has now ...

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I like it a lot :D That Bluetooth headset within the phone should be in more newer model phones, I think.

Then again, more people would walk around in public with Bluetooth headsets so maybe not. Awkward hellos are awkward, if you know what I mean.

Also, why does Diamond Dallas Page edit these comments? (First post)
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KSib, ddp are the initals of my full name minus 1 letter. i've been using those letters a lot longer then diamond has.
I like it they should come out with I like that you can use the Bluetooth headset to control the screen I am game.
From 1:06, is that for real?
Originally posted by voyager:
From 1:06, is that for real?
concept just an idea they can make it this will be the iphone killer
Originally posted by raven30:
Originally posted by voyager:
From 1:06, is that for real?
concept just an idea they can make it this will be the iphone killer
And i discover that Yes this technology exist and the first was tested in a single ballpaint pencil.
Pauline 3 Unverified new user
Damn it!! Conquer the iPhones! Go manfacture this darn Modzilla Concept Smartphones. We could do away with our current keyboards. Where do I go register to get this first phone when it comes off the line?
out side of the mini usb charging connection(it has been known to break on most phones) this is a kick ass phone. i would drop my iphone for this. im hopping with this video out apple will not try to steal any ideas from this and call it their own
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