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How do u make BitTorrent download faster? i have been searching the answer for days.

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recently i just downloaded bittorrent and the downloading speed it go at is 0-2 kib/s. That is extremely slow! It'll take me 3 days to download one episode while others are finish within 3 hours. I serach for the answer EVERYWHERE! i found this one post that said to change ur port setting by entering ur IP and the speed will go about 100kib/s or more but that doesnt help me at all.

i am MIGHTY stupid..-_-
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Nice wordart thingy bob!

mindy2004, what connection do you have? If you have some sort of high speed connection, do you have a firewall or not?

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oo, thanks for trying to help toiletman but i think i know why now. I have dial-up---yeah, it dad wouldnt go for dsl comcast. so i guess that is the speed it should go.
hey toiletman im hoping that u help me whith this irritating situation with bittorrent, its the same problem ppl have... the status button is yellow wich means that i cant download at high speed. i have bellsouth dsl with a westell modem and i have no idea if i have a proxy or not. i have no firewall installed and windows's firewall is not activated.
plz help me
I'm not familiar with other BT clients because I only use the original BT client.

Anyway, I assume yellow is a bad sign. Since you don't have a firewall, do you have a router? Sometimes routers need to be configured for BTing, plus routers may have firewall or security features installed, so looking through your router settings might fix your problem!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

no i dont have a router i just have the regular connection, do u think i should call bellsouth and see if they can tell me if they have a default firewall with their services? becuase if they dont i cant find any settings for my westell modem
hey siancell,
i have bellsouth dsl with westell modem too. this is what i did to configure my modem:

1. open a internet explorer browser and type "launchmodem" (without the quotes) on the address bar.
2. on the window that appears click on "Expert Mode". Click on "yes, enter expert mode" when the warning comes up.
3. Click on the "Configure" tab, then click on "NAT".
4. Ok, now look to ur right, where it says Service Name, click on the arrow and scroll down to where it says *My New Service, click on that, and then on Edit (u might have to scroll to the right to see the Edit button).
NOTE: If u dont see *My New Service when u scroll down, do this: Click on the "Define Custom Service" button (it's on the same page). On the window that comes up make sure "Port Forwarding Ranges of Ports" is checked and click "next". Continue with step 6.
5. a new window will pop up, click on Add.
6. Here u will set the port range. Set the Global Port Range from 6881 to 6883. Leave the Base Host Port as is, and make sure the Protocol is set to TCP (Bittorrent doesn't use UDP Protocol). Click Next
7. Now you have to enable it. scroll down to the service u created and click on it, then click on the "Enable" button.

And thats it you're done, the light should turn Green and after a lit while u should get significantly faster downloads then before.
If the light doens't turn Green restart Bit tornado, or whatever you're using, and wait at least 5 mins, the light should turn Green then.
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hey scorpi it works now thx a lot man
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Hi i have a Broadband connection which plugs straight into a firewall then shared over a wireless network i have a sonicwall 230 pro and does any 1 know how to set up bittorent ports on ther thanx
np siancell.

i don't know if i can really help you, but all i can tell you is that you have to FIND A WAY TO CONFIGURE YOUR FIREWALL such that it allows incoming connections by OPENING YOUR PORTS. So find your firewall settings and look for options like "PORT FORWARDING" or "SHARING" or anything along those lines. bittorrent uses these ports: 6881 to 6999.

if you still don't know and got time to do some reading, i suggest you (or anyone looking to configure their firewall) go to this page:

if you just wanna check if ur ports are open go here:
-click on "Proceed"
-on the blue box there that says "ShieldsUp!! Services"
type a port range like: 6881-6889. then click on "User Specified Custom Port Probe".
-scroll down to the Port Table there, if the STATUS column say "CLOSED" or "OPEN" then you are good to go. if it it says "STEALTH", you need to configure your firewall.

hope this helps.
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Yeh It says those ports arnt stelthed but are bocked any ideas thanx
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Sorted found the problem was with my ip being part of a network and not being visible from the web.
Redscorpi I checked to see what ports I had open and it's only showing one as being opened. What's going on? What am I doing wrong? I added plenty of ports.
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this is becuase bittoretn is only connected on tht single port not the whole range as i experiance the same problem and on my bittornado reports i arnt firewalled but wat i dont under stand as if im able to veiw the ports or seeder they arnt always runnin on my open port not all of them for example 25% so should bittorent open more than 1 port cheers
what dragoon said is right, bittorrent only uses one port. The purpose of having more then one port forwarded, is because what bittorrent does is it checks one port at a time until it finds the one that ppl are using.
if u went to that page and saw that the other ports say "CLOSED" that doens't mean that they arent forwarded. That just means that they ARE forwarded but are not being used. If it says "STEALTH" then that port is being blocked by ur firewall.

i really don't understand what u say, how can u tell that only 25% of the users are using that port? but still i dont think bittorrent opens more ports after it finds one that they are using.

Since im here i'd like to post a question: Ok, i know that ur download speeds on bittorrent will never reach ur maximum, like my max is around 972kbs, i know when im downloading something i'll never reach that much, but i heard somewhere that to get the REALLY max that ur dl speed can be u have to divide that number by 8, so i did that i get like 121kbs, but my download hardly ever reach that much, im always around 45kbs, sometimes it reaches 100, but rarely. i also know that i dont CONNECT to a lot of the users even though there are a bunch of them on the list. How can i connect to more users so that i can reach my max speed of 121kbs.
hello guys, i am new to the forums and i read everything on this thread.. and I did the opening of ports. I have mediacom online cable internet service with a linksys router. I went to and did the forwarding and the triggering. My speed are still the same they are not fast.. they range from 1 kb/s to 20kb/s. I cannot get them to go any faster and I did everything, can anyone please help me, I use BitTornado and yes I tried g3 its the same.
Is the light on BitTornado green or yellow? if its green then you set your ports correctly. As far as i know opening your ports is the best thing you can do to speed up your downloads. Unless you pay for a better internet connection. Im still searching for other tweaks i can do to speed up my downloads, lol.

Appart from that, your download speed depends on your overall connection speed and the popularity of the file. To see what your overall connection speed is go to a webpage that offers speed tests like:
(if you go here scroll down, select your connection type and click "start". then i think you have to select your state.)
Also make sure that during the test you don't use your internet in any other way.

My overall connection speed is around 972kbs and most of the time my downloads with bittorrent are around 45kbs. sometimes it goes higher when the torrent file is a popular one. compare it to mine to see if you should be getting higher download speeds.

Oh, dragooon had a different problem and he fixed his differently, he said this: "Sorted found the problem was with my ip being part of a network and not being visible from the web." Maybe thats whats wrong with you computer. But he has to clue you in on that one coz i dont know anything about that.

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well sometimes my light is yellow and sometimes green i dont know why that is but my download speed on that test is 700 kbps and well right now my thing is going 7kbps.. and ummm when u click advanced i see that poeples download rate are well over 100 kb and the total speed is like 700kb.. so i dont know .. any tipss?
Um..hi everyone! I have a weird situation. When I went to that one website given by Toiletman to check the ports I got my info and it said it was "stealthed". Ok...well I did waht Toiletman said and checked to see if my firewall is up or not. The surprising thing is it was down the whole time! But my bittornado still is slow and with a yellow light.
rush, make sure the light stays green all the time,to make sure your port are not being blocked do this:

if you just wanna check if ur ports are open go here:
-click on "Proceed"
-on the blue box there that says "ShieldsUp!! Services"
type a port range like: 6881-6889. then click on "User Specified Custom Port Probe".
-scroll down to the Port Table there, if the STATUS column say "CLOSED" or "OPEN" then you are good to go. if it it says "STEALTH", you need to configure your firewall.

i, for one, cannot give you any other tips other than by opening your ports. im trying to look for other ways myself. i keep talking about the green light and forwarding ports coz thats the only thing they keep saying over at the bittorrent pages when i try looking for ways to speed up my download.

chink, if that webpage said your ports where being "stealthed" that means those ports are being blocked by your firewall and its not accepting incoming connection; whatever that means. You have to configure your firewall to "forward" ports from 6881 to 6999. then it should say "closed" or "open".
oh, another thing, if your download speed is like really low compared to your upload speed, its possible you may be overloading your download speed. meaning you are allowing so many people to upload from you that you are leaving nothing to YOUR download. so if your download is like 7kbs and your upload is like, i dont know, 20kbs you should TURN DOWN your "maximum upload speed" a little. this option should be on the bittorrent cliet's settings somewhere. DONT turn it down all the way, thats bad too. remember this is P2P. u cant donwload if u dont share.
if this is the case then doing this can increase your download speed a little.
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Hm...put i had my firewall down the whole time. I am using a Window XP home and so i went to the control panel for the first time to see my firewall and the computer said i didn't even had it on the first time. red, you said i should tell my firewall to "forward" my ports to allow it to get more downloads, but how can i do that if i had my firewall down the whole time? thanks for the help people...
aight, are you talking about the firewall that comes built in with win XP? if you disbaled that, maybe you have another firewall runing. what type of connection do you have? maybe the modem that u have has NAT or something.
i dont know anything about the firewall that comes with XP because i use windows ME. but heres a link that tells you how to configure that firewall that comes with XP:
(just scroll down a little bit till u get to the part about "windows XP firewall")

u can also try this NAT check:
-type a port, like 6881, where instructed.
(and if you wanna type in the hash id of the torrent do it, but you can leave it blank too.)
See what results you get.
Hey red...thanks a lot for your help but I tried both of the things that you suggested. But somehow after I forwarded the ports then went to your site, it just said that it failed. What is going on! Please someone help me
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