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I can't see the files on my CD and DVD drives

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The problem spans all my CD and DVD players/recorders (including yours). They act as if CDs and DVDs are not loaded in them (I do get an Icon change but not the volume label) and I can't access the files on them. The drives appear in "My computer" and give no errors (even when I check with the device manager). However sometimes I find an error by checking "Computer Management, Event Viewer." Usually, the error message is "An error was detected on device DeviceCdRom1 during a paging operation."

When the problem started, I had the following components: a DVD-ROM, a 52X CD-ROM, a DVD burner, a CD Burner, 40Gb Hard disk, a 160Gb Hard disk, an extra Disk controller, 512Mb RAM, Atlon 1800, a fan on the power supply, 300W power supply, Windows 2000, a floppy, TV card, Modem, Ethernet, ...

At the time the problem began, I was coping all my music from CD and ..., to the 160Gb Hard disk. In total, I must have copied a 100Gb of music, movies, photos, system backups, and ... to the big Hard disk. Most of my music was copied in a span of 4 months (I wanted to get rid of all my CDs, DVDs, and cassette and video tapes.

The problem started about a month ago. Nothing would happen when I loaded any of the DVD or CD players and then try to access it. I would get the message "load the 'device'" so I would reload it. I would get the message again and nothing would happen.

I have to add that I have used Daemon Virtual CD and I am noticing a connection.

To fix the problem, I reformatted "C" drive and change my configuration. Now, I am running Windows XP and I have removed the big hard disk, a CD-burner, the modem, and the extra disk controller. I also bought a new motherboard. Things were working fine for about three hours of installing layered software products. Now the same problem again, I can't see the files on my DVDs or CDs any more.

Any ideas as to what is the cause of my problem and how to fix it?

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An ASPI install/update may do the trick :)

Here's a good link with instructions and the download:

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