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Netflix overtakes BitTorrent traffic in U.S.

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New Internet traffic report shows that Netflix is now the application responsible for the highest levels of traffic in the U.S. The movie streaming service accounts for 24.71 percent of peak time aggregate traffic in America, ahead of BitTorrent which stands at 17.23 percent. In comparison, in Europe, BitTorrent accounts for 28.4 percent of peak-time traffic, just ahead of all http traffic. ...

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Want to stop piracy? Give people a good alternative.

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Now this is a fascinating piece of information and amazing too!

And while I somewhat agree with KillerBug, I wouldn't think this to be the case because BitTorrent just has what Netflix doesn't like RECENT shows and NEW movies. Besides, Netflix isn't a piracy alternative since you can't get the 2 aforementioned, music and software.
And one service to rule them all... and in the darkness, bind them.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?
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