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Prepare for an iOS-powered Apple HDTV, says former exec

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Apple is preparing to release an iOS-powered Apple-branded HDTV this year, says an anonymous former exec of the company speaking to DT. The company is already in talks with a "major OEM," adds the report, which they speculate to be Samsung, a long-time partner. Apple will "blow Netflix and all those other guys away" with the HDTV, which will bundle Apple TV and iTunes in a slim, Internet-capable ...

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LoL...Steve is really out of touch if he thinks that an iOS TV is going to blow away netflix.

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Yes,they are great as far as big companies go but Netfix is well run and know their business better than Apple. First icloud and now this. Maybe I will dump their stock. Mind you I hate them but they make a pant load of money. I think those great days are numbered. They are going to follow in the steps of M$.
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