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Microsoft pulls AVG anti-virus app from Windows Phone Marketplace

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Concerns over data collection force Microsoft to remove app created by one of the world's most popular security software companies. Questions had already been raised about the necessity of AVG Mobilation for Windows Phone 7. Firstly, there's no malware to be found on the platform at least yet, and the operating system automatically sandboxes all applications and restricts their access ...

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AVG is a scam anyway...I intentionally infected my last phone with an app that was known to have a keylogger months ago...AVG didn't find it...but AVG did try to delete SuperUser.apk (the file that allows Root-only programs to function).

What a AV suite that gets nothing but false positives on Windows does the same on Android.

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not suprised,

all companys want to know what your doing. hard to get away from it.

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What happened to AVG?

They used to be so reliable & performed well in tests - even the free version.

Last I saw the latest 2011 version on initial release started really slowing PCs down by silly amounts so I binned it off.

Shame I had about 8 years trouble-free with them until then.
Good riddance. I replaced my AVG with the Microsoft security essentials and my PC never looked back. Windows phone is a closed OS, it has ZERO viruses or malware so far. IOS stayed secure so cant see why WP will not stay secure. Android is not built the same way so you may get viruses.
Malwarebytes (the app that other AV companies tell you to use to fix viruses that they can't...the paid version does live scanning with minimal speed reduction)+Comodo Firewall(the firewall that kept sony safe for years...until they stopped accepting automatic updates)+AdBlockPlus(reduces the need for AV in general) = Safe...or about as safe as Windows 7 gets anyway.

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